MembersIsrael’s Future: Bloom, or Gloom?

Of all the nations of the world, Israel is the only one whose existence is conditioned on its moral conduct.

By Tsvi Sadan |
No matter the personal feelings of Abu Dhabi's current ruler, Islam as a whole will never accept Israel. Photo: Wagdi Ashtiyeh /Flash90

This is a peculiar phenomenon considering the history of Germany, Turkey, Rwanda, Syria and Cambodia, to mention but a few of those nations whose moral misconduct has never called into question the legitimacy of their existence.

The question of Israel’s legitimacy and future has become an academic field in and of itself, and an entire genre of literature and film addressing the subject has sprung up over the past decade or so. The first serious academic research into Israel’s chances of survival in the near future appeared in 2009, when Belgian Jewish authors Richard Laub and Olivier Boruchowitch published Israel – Un Avenir Compromis (Israel – A Compromised Future) – a scientific attempt to predict Israel’s future. The authors ignore metaphysical questions, as the discipline demands, and yet, arrive at the conclusion that given the present surrounding atmosphere of irrational antisemitism, regional instability and an internal lack of unity, it is surprising that Israel has managed to survive until now.

But, particularly “for the last few years,” they write, “the way in which the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is perceived puts in grave...

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