MembersThe eternity of Israel

The Church and its New Covenant took the place of the Jews and the Old Covenant.

By Tsvi Sadan |
Photo: Flash 90

That is what Supersessionism, also known as Replacement Theology, teaches. That the Jews insist on viewing themselves as the Chosen People, the Supersessionists will argue, means holding them accountable for neglecting the Mosaic Covenant. Why is the precise phrase “Netzach Israel” – The Eternity of Israel – not found in any Christian translation of the Bible?

Supersessionism has always been attractive. Its arguments are compelling and cannot be easily dismissed. For instance, if the Mosaic Covenant remains valid, then it’s only natural to question the legitimacy of a secular Jewish state.

Christians who were both for and against Supersessionism all played vital roles in realizing the dream of the Jewish return to Zion. Early Christian Zionists in Britain pushed for the Balfour Declaration. And Christian anti-Zionists did their part by turning later British governments against the idea of a Jewish home in “Palestine.” Christian opposition to a modern Jewish state sounded then much as it does today. F.W.G. Blenkinsop, then-deputy commissioner for the southern district of Jaffa, wrote in 1944 that “the sober fact is that Palestine is no longer the...

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