2 Dead in New Year’s Tel Aviv Shooting; Terrorist at Large

Terrorist reportedly smiled while firing on unarmed cafe patrons; father, who is a police volunteer, identified him

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An Arab terrorist opened fire on a cafe in downtown Tel Aviv on Friday, killing two people and wounding another seven.

Those who survived the attack said the killer smiled as he fired round after round at the panicking patrons.

The terrorist managed to flee the scene before police arrived. But after security camera footage was released to the media, the terrorist’s father, who is a police volunteer, recognized his son and contacted authorities.

The suspect is a resident of the Wadi Ara region in northern Israel. By Friday evening, he remained at large, presumably in the Greater Tel Aviv area, though police were fairly confident that he was no longer armed after having discarded the weapon used in the cafe shooting.

Another relative of the shooter told Israeli media he was “staggered, horrified” by the attack, and insisted the young man had never expressed anti-Israel sentiments in the past.

None of the local Palestinian terror groups have claimed responsibility for recruiting the shooter, though Hamas did openly praise the fatal attack on unarmed cafe patrons in the heart of Tel Aviv.

PHOTO: Police conduct a manhunt in Tel Aviv after fatal terrorist shooting (Flash90)

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