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The songs of Arik Einstein are like a mirror of Israeli society and its evolution since the founding of the State of Israel.

By Aviel Schneider |
Photo: Moshe Shai/Flash90

Einstein, as a singer, songwriter and actor, could express “Israeli-ness” like no one else.

When he passed away in November of 2013 at the age of 74, Israel lost one of its most important cultural voices, a man who had written what many consider the soundtrack of Israel.

Einstein’s songs express the complexity of every Israeli’s relationship with national politics, a relationship full of contradictions. But he did it in a humorous, even naive way, which made Einstein so popular. To mark the upcoming 70th anniversary of Israel’s rebirth, we’ll be translating one of Einstein’s songs for you each month.

This is not about the folk collective, but about two people, you and I. With the line “Others have said it before me but it doesn’t matter; you and I we’ll change the world” Arik encourages deeds, not just words. Even though the same words have been said in the past, it does not change the need to try to change now

But he warns...

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