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The Grand Monument in Pyongyang
NOT YOUR EVERYDAY ATTRACTION: The Grand Monument in Pyongyang Photo: Stephan/Flickr

Israeli Tourist Destination: North Korea

The travel agency Rimon Tours has signed an exclusive agreement with North Korea to issue tourist visas for Israelis to visit the country. “North Korea is certainly one of the most fascinating countries in the world,” said a company spokesman.

Rimon Tours plans four trips this year to the self-proclaimed “socialist paradise,” with the approval of the Israeli government.

“There is no travel warning for North Korea,” said the Foreign Ministry. “Israelis are allowed to travel there as it is not classified as an enemy nation.”

Visitors may bring cell phones and laptop computers with them, but the devices can only be used on the local, restricted networks in the country. International communication is only available at hotels and photography is prohibited in many areas.

While some wonder why the radical communist nation might attract tourists, the agency tries to lure potential travelers with one of its only attractions: “North Korea is proud to have one of the world’s lowest crime rates and tourists feel very safe there.”

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