A cure for the Islamic regime malignancy

It is time for Western leaders and the churches to wake up for the sake of their own nations and faith before it is too late.

By Marziyeh Amirizadeh | | Topics: Iran
A pre-revolution Iranian flag is joined to an Israeli flag at a demonstration of unity.
A pre-revolution Iranian flag is joined to an Israeli flag at a demonstration of unity. Photo: Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90

Iranians, Jews, Christians, and even Muslims around the world are suffering from a malignant cancer for decades. The name of this malignancy is the “Islamic Republic” which first appeared in Iran in 1979. A fanatic Muslim, Ayatollah Khomeini and his radical followers infected a whole country, taking all Iranians hostage for 45 years, and spreading their illness all over the world. How did the Islamic Republic cancer begin? What are its symptoms? How does this lethal cancer grow? What is its treatment?


How did the Islamic Republic cancer begin?

A cancer starts with changes in a cell or small group of cells. Then cells start to grow, multiply, and form a lump called a tumor.

The malignant and deadly Islamic Republic cancer appeared for the first time in Iran on February 1st, 1979. Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran from exile. With the support of young Muslim radicals who believed in Marxism and socialism, they established a fundamentalist Islamic government. Like cancer cells, the Islamic regime sought a host body in which to attach itself, and grow. Despite the “revolutionaries” being Iranian, Iran became the victim. Khomeini transformed Iran into a theocratic Islamic state. Khomeini called himself Velayat-e-Faghih, a guardian of Faghih (an Islamic jurist). He was considered as the infallible representative/successor of God on earth. Any words against him would be not just a personal insult, but an act of war against the Islamic god which was punishable by death.

From the very first day, Khomeini started suppressing his opposition. He imprisoned, tortured, and executed thousands of Iranians. He established his government based on extremist Islamic sharia law. Looking to spread its disease, the Islamic Republic cancer systematically began indoctrinating children in their schools with antisemitic hatred against Jews, Christians, and all other religious minorities. And of course, they indoctrinated against America, the “great Satan,” forcing students to chant, “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” every day at school, and in countless demonstrations across the country. Such mandatory demonstrations were to show the world that all Iranians support the Islamic regime and its revolutionary ideologies, and to create fear internally to make resistance that much more difficult and dangerous.

The Islamic Regime cancer indoctrinated students in geography, using a map of the world without Israel. They justified killing and elimination of Jews from the face of the earth sociologically by showing antisemitic programs throughout national TV, and in formal education in Iran’s schools. Israel was the “Little Satan.” Like cancer cells, this was to inflict the whole body (Iran) with disease.

Members of the paramilitary Iranian Armed Forces (Basij) on a march during an anti-Israel solidarity rally in Tehran, Iran, on November 24, 2023. Photo: EPA-EFE/ABEDIN TAHERKENAREH

Moreover, the Islamic Republic cancer started suppressing women’s rights forcing them to stay at home, subjugated to men: their fathers, their brothers, their husbands. Using the Koran as justification, the misogynist regime acted violently to make sure no women would, or could, dare to oppose them, or violate their strict Islamic rules. They savagely suppressed and punished any woman who would break these rules, even for the most minor infraction. Based on Islam, they created a completely male dominated society where women existed for the pleasure of men.  By subjugating women, the regime empowered men, many who relished in their control over 50% of the population, in order to win their “loyalty.”

They forced women and young girls to wear a hijab from the age of seven, and then would arrest, flog, or throw acid in the face of those who would break these rules. The Islamic regime forbade women to sing, dance, and even attend public events. Even little girls, much less grown women, were prevented from riding bicycles. They took away custody rights of mothers after divorce, which a woman could never initiate anyway. They took away all important jobs from women, and instituted endless restrictions to prevent women from working to support themselves. The Islamic republic cancer made women completely dependent on men, eliminating any power or opportunities for advancement for half of Iranian society.

Iranians protest the brutal treatment of women by the ayatollah regime. Photo by EPA-EFE/CLEMENS BILAN
Iranians protest the brutal treatment of women by the ayatollah regime. Photo by EPA-EFE/CLEMENS BILAN

It’s not enough just to subjugate women. The evil complement to this is that the regime brainwashed and encouraged men to kill their wives, daughters, and sisters who would disobey strict Islamic rules. They call this an “honor killing.” Horrific. There is no capital punishment against men who commit an “honor killing,” and very little punishment if any at all. Therefore, many men have savagely killed women relatives without facing any consequences. Men have no fear of beating and abusing women in their family since the court would never rule in favor of giving rights to women anyway. It is always a women’s fault if a man commits adultery or any other transgression that can be blamed on her.

For instance, after I became a Christian, I shared my faith with my brother. My brother consulted with a mullah to understand the difference between Islam and Christianity. When he mentioned that his sister was interested in Christianity, the mullah told him to kill his sister and he, the mullah, will protect him from going to prison. If my brother had killed me, it would have been a way for the regime to silence me and threaten others, without the unwanted and inconvenient negative international attention that my case eventually aroused, embarrassing the regime.

By creating a state of fear, even those families who were against the regime, or men who did not believe that they had to control their women, had to pretend to follow the Islamic rules in public because of undue scrutiny by regime spies, or being the victim of personal rivalries and disagreements.


How the Islamic Republic cancer grows

A cancer needs blood supply to bring oxygen and nutrients to survive and grow. The bloodthirsty radical Islamic rulers of Iran have always relied on the blood of innocent civilians for their survival. They needed to create terror and shed the blood of innocent people to strengthen the foundation of their terrorist government. Since the beginning of the revolution 45 years ago, they have arrested, tortured, murdered, raped, and suppressing anyone who would oppose the Islamic regime and its authority. The bloodthirsty regime has executed countless people due to the charges of “blasphemy” which includes those who questioned or said anything against the Islamic regime and Ayatollah Khomeini, and “Moharebeh,” a capital crime that means “waging war against God.” Acting as the personification of their god on earth, the regime generously used this charge to as a catch all for anyone they wanted to kill.  For anyone perceived to be against the regime or the “Supreme Leader” this is the charge that’s widely enforced, and executed.

Ayatollah Khomeini.
Ayatollah Khomeini.

Cancer cells metastasize by mutation which interfere with the normal instructions in a cell and can cause the bad cells to grow out of control, or even become resistant to dying with various treatments. Similarly, the Islamic regime’s cancerous cells of terror and murdering innocent people became the blood and oxygen of the ayatollahs and their radical supporters. In 1979 Khomeini established the IRGC (the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) not only to kill anyone who challenged or threatened the Islamic regime domestically, but also the cells of the Islamic Revolution internationally: to export the disease (Islamic Ideology) to other countries. The regime started creating and training its terrorist proxies around the world, and interfering in political matters of other countries in ways that are dangerous and unhealthy. Iran has become and remain the biggest state sponsor of terrorism not just in the world today, but in the history of the world. The Islamic regime has created smaller tumors in other Arab and Islamic countries, as well as spreading cells to the rest of the world in order to destroy anything that is not in its exact Islamic extremist mold, even targeting other Islamic countries.

Since Khomeini, the strategy was to export the Islamic regime’s fanatical teachings and ideologies. It cannot be overstated that antisemitism is more than just an evil byproduct of the regime, it is also another source of blood and oxygen for the regime. Since most of the Arab and Islamic world is predisposed to hate Israel and the Jews, also based on the Koran and its calls to slaughter the Jews, through preaching antisemitism they found willing and even enthusiastic host entities to spread their vile hatred.

Since Khomeini, the regime began training and exporting their agents (cells of terror and cancerous disease, a double entendre) to other countries under the guise of humanitarian aid, business investments, and establishing Islamic institutions and associations for teaching their Islamic ideologies. They sent domestic supporters to study in the best universities and places of influence across the world to infiltrate the policies, media, and educational systems of western countries. They sent their supporters to other countries to produce more children, build more mosques, and infiltrate societies afraid of being labeled “Islamophobic,” to dominate the West from within. From the beginning of its manifestation, the Islamic regime started the destruction in its host organ (Iran) and to infect neighboring countries, exactly like a malignant cancer.

I experienced and suffered this disease firsthand. In 2009 I was arrested and sentenced to death by hanging only because of my faith in Jesus and converting to Christianity. They call this is “apostasy.” I was lucky.  However, in prison I witnessed torture and execution of my cellmates including my best friend, Shirin Alam Hooli. I witnessed physical and psychological torture, including rape, of many women prisoners. I witnessed the torture of many who protested the fraudulent 2009 election. My cellmates then, during the Green Revolution, told me they witnessed pools full of the corpses of protesters who were arrested and summarily murdered. They were not even given the opportunity to have a farcical trial.

Most Iranians have suffered untold ways since the beginning of the Islamic republic cancer in 1979. Many have bravely resisted, including public protests, strikes, and civil disobedience. Many sacrificed their lives to save the country, their children, and Persian culture and history. Many resisted, at tremendous personal risk for themselves and their families. Over the years, due to the regime’s brutal suppression, savage murder, and abuse of its own people, many Iranians started losing hope. They started to believe that there is no cure for this cancer.

Rather than confront Iranian aggression against not just Israel, but the Arabs too, the international community has instead coddled the Islamic Republic.

Offering a panacea, “reformists” started deceiving people for many years with a placebo. They began spreading lies, and giving Iranians false hope that this cancer might be cured. Between the evil of the regime and false hope of the “reformists,” Iranians have been deceived for decades. “Reformist” have played the role of deceiving the people, suggesting that a reform is the solution to the dangerous cancer. “Reformists” either do not understand, or are offering deliberate deceit, that the regime’s evil nature cannot change, cannot be reformed, and cannot be negotiated with.

“Reformists” simply became a kinder, gentler face propping up the same evil regime. Finally, the “reformists” have infiltrated and taken control of media both inside and outside Iran. They served like oxygen for the Islamic regime cancer to survive, and grow. They infiltrated western politics and policies through their lobbyists like NIAC, the National Iranian American Council, provides deliberately deceitful advice to western politicians. By wearing western clothes and siding themselves with liberals, they were able to penetrate media, educational institutions, and other pillars of western and other societies. By controlling media outside Iran, they are able to squelch voices of ordinary Iranians who have truly been suffered for decades, preventing the truth about the regime from being dealt with. Most major Farsi media outside Iran have been hijacked by “reformists,” their supporters. Trusting “reformists” like these would be like going to a plumber to cure brain cancer.

After many years of deceit, Iranians understand the true face of “reformists” and their intentions. Therefore, they started rejecting the “reformists,” as well as the hardliners. Iranians started fighting against the whole Islamic system. Iranians understand the “reformists” inside and outside Iran, like NIAC, that their placebo never worked, and has made the disease worse.

Evolving as cancer cells do, smart “reformists” formed a new plan to deceive Iranians and the world. They infiltrated opposition groups and act as if they are anti-regime. They have also trained some “reformists” inside and outside Iran to act as anti-regime activists to deceive world and create division among opposition. The “reformists” are trying to take control of the opposition, spreading the cancer to new organs, and continue to deceive the people. They want to make sure after the fall of the regime, power stays in the hands of the same people but with different masks.

In 1979 the US and the West were struck that the cancer was not a flu.  Even after the Islamic regime took 63 American hostages for 444 days, the response was not serious. Most western democratic countries and human rights organizations ignored the crimes taking place in Iran and among its own people. They refused to hear the voice of millions of Iranians who were saying NO to this evil regime. They believed that the Islamic regime could be reasoned with, and that their rhetoric was not actual policy. They turned a blind eye to the evidence.


Role of Western media and politics

Over the decades, western media infiltrated by “reformists” provided scarce coverage of the voices and cries of ordinary Iranians who have suffered so much. Instead, they gave platforms to the regime’s supporters to spread disinformation about the nature of the regime. For instance, Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s British Iranian journalist has always been first in line to give a voice to Islamic regime officials and ayatollahs, anywhere she can get the opportunity.

After I came to America, friends who worked at CNN tried many times to get an interview for me to share my story and talk about religious and human rights violations in Iran. Later we were told by CNN employees that many Iranians work there, including a senior manager, who refused to meet me much less interview me. It became clear how deeply the regime has infiltrated the media with its agents. It became clear that major media had become a platform for the killers, not the victims much less truth and decency. More oxygen for the regime.

Western politicians and international agencies like the UN also denied the true evil nature of the Islamic regime. Instead, they negotiated, appeased, and paid it ransom. Despite western liberal values, they gave the gender apartheid regime an international platform to spread its lies, abuse women rights, and mock human rights. They tried to rationalize the behavior of the cancerous regime worldwide, rather than making them accountable for their crimes and keeping the world safe from them.

Rather than treating the source of the cancer and actually eliminating it, western nations-imposed sanctions which they willingly violated for their own business interests, pretending that they are punishing the regime for its savage behavior. Most glaringly, the Obama administration thought it could restrain the regime through the foolish JCPOA and policies that empowered not endangered the regime’s survival. Obama literally sent billions of dollars in cash, funding the regime, and betraying the Iranian people.

The West’s willful negligence appeased the Islamic republic cancer, and enabled its growth, and that of its proxies around the world.  Rather than preventing a nuclear Iran, the regime has never been closer to a bomb, holding the world hostage to its evil intentions. One major goal of the regime is the annihilation of Israel and the Jews, and establishing a global Islamic state for the return of their 12th Imam. Western countries foolishly thought they could stop the growth of this cancer through negotiations, deals, and sanctions. The West has never been more at risk from the cancer’s spreading.

Too many scholars, politicians, and other influentials have falsely spread misinformation about the regime’s intent. They claim that the cancer can be treated to act like healthy cells, is curable, and anyway is not very dangerous. It is OK to let it function, they claim, guaranteeing to restrain the cancer’s threats globally. Rather, the cancer has grown all over the world and has become a global threat.


What is the cure?

The Islamic regime cancer now threatens the whole world. The Islamic regime has already established the foundation for its global Islamic state, impacted the policies and elections in the US and other western countries by financial supporting candidates who expand or appease their Islamic ideology, and turn a blind eye if not actually directly support creating an army of global jihadists through Iranian proxies. These present as smaller tumors in many countries, but are no less deadly. These have affected most Middle Eastern countries through destruction and terrorism. The Islamic republic cancer controls and destabilizes the region through its proxies such as Islamic Shiite groups in Iraq, the Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Houthis, and even in South Africa.

Western leaders have dealt with the proxies, the small tumors, with no less irresponsibility. They foolishly think the best solution is to treat the small tumors without paying serious attention to the root and source of the problem. They ignore the Islamic republic cancer, the origin of the tumor. Many do so because they are naïve, yet many have their own personal political and financial gain. The world mistakenly thinks that treating or even cutting out the small tumors will stop the growth of the cancer in other countries. Recent events make it clear how mistaken they are.

Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel was a horrific crime against humanity that showed the whole world the evil nature of radical Islam, supported by the Islamic regime in Iran, and how it cannot be negotiated with. However, the terrorists always know how to play as victims to deceive the world, just as cancer cells take over organs and then the whole body. Many in the West have blindly supported Hamas without having any knowledge of who they are. Even Palestinian civilians are suffering because of Hamas terrorists, but their voice will never be heard by the media because it goes against the narrative.

Terrorists at the Erez border crossing, after a major Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023. Photo: Atia Mohammed/Flash90
Terrorists at the Erez border crossing, after a major Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023. Photo: Atia Mohammed/Flash90

This is also the case as the Houthis in Yemen, another of the regime’s proxies, as they threaten and have hijacked international shipping. The West’s response has been anemic, not cutting out the tumor and not addressing the source of the evil.

Recently, after years of fighting the regime and unspeakable sacrifices especially following the brutal 2022 murder of Mahsa Amini, millions of Iranians are showing the world that they do not support the regime. They drew a clear line between themselves and the Islamic regime to show the world that Iranians have been hijacked by the terrorist regime, pleading for the world to help cut off the oxygen to the cancer. As an example, the majority of Iranians stand with Israel because they know exactly who and what Israel is fighting against, they are familiar with the suffering of Islamic terrorists, and they know it’s all from the same source and must be defeated.

Complementing this, for many years the regime has tried to show that Iranians support the Palestinians. They spread this lie through their agents in western countries, spending untold millions of dollars to support Hamas terrorists while Iranians are hungry and suffering. During many recent protests Iranians have chanted public slogans against the regime and against the Palestinians with the hope that the West will hear their voices. One clear example is, “No Gaza, No Lebanon, I will die for Iran.” Recently when the regime wanted to manipulate the audience in a soccer stadium to show that Iranians stand with Palestinians, thousands of Iranians in chanted that the regime should “take the flag of Palestine and put it in your a$$.”

The only good point about the inhuman Hamas arrack on Israel was that it brought to the surface that how much America and the West are infected by the Islamic regime cancer. It has become clear how many politicians and protesters have been brainwashed of the regime through Hamas supporters to force Israel to stop the war and impose a ceasefire. No one likes war, including me. However, this war is different and if the world wants to get rid of this cancer, all democratic countries must stand with Israel to eradicate this cancer forever. Hamas is a deadly tumor that cannot be left alive. We cannot let another Holocaust happen. Jews have the right to live in their homeland peacefully without any threats, especially those from the regime and its proxies.

Israelis lay to rest their loved ones brutally taken from them by Hamas on October 7. Photo by Gili Yaari/Flash90
Israelis lay to rest their loved ones brutally taken from them by Hamas on October 7. Photo by Gili Yaari/Flash90

All Christians must stand with Israel because the Jews are not the only target of radical Islam. Christians are also the targets of the regime and its proxies. As they say, “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.” The threat of the cancer is no less for Christians, and we cannot be foolish to think that it will stop with Israel.  Islam is not the religion of peace at all. Radical Islam is of the personification of unrestrained violence, hate, antisemitism, revenge, killing, and women’s rights violation.

Even many ordinary Muslims are deceived and do not know this because they accepted the teachings of the Islamic countries in which they live without educating themselves about the true teachings of Islam in the Koran. Speaking the truth about Islam is not islamophobia. The truth of Islam is in its own text: the Koran states what the behavior of true followers of Islam should be. It’s clear, in their own words, and the words of their Prophet. Western leaders should stop deceiving their citizens by saying that Islam is the religion of peace. Western countries should not allow the followers of Mohammad to use religious freedom in their countries as a platform to brainwash and hijack people in their host countries.

There is only one solution for the Islamic regime cancer:  to eradicate it at its origin, in Iran. Eradicating the disease may lead to some destruction and suffering as well. Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery have their side effects. But that is the only solution to save the world from this malignant cancer. Such a big surgery won’t be without pain, and needs the best specialists from all around the world. Operating together.

Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh meets with Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in Tehran, March 26, 2024. Credit: Screenshot.
Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh meets with Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in Tehran, March 26, 2024. Credit: Screenshot.

It really shouldn’t be necessary to point to the most recent deadly influences of the Islamic regime throughout the Middle East specifically. The threats and wake of death have been long felt. The Houthis in Yemen attacking and interrupting international shipping, the deadly drone attack on the US base in Jordan, hundreds of other attacks since October as well all underscore the immediate need for a comprehensive response.  The US has led by offering tactical strikes against some of the Iranian backed proxies but not in Iran itself. It cannot be overstated enough that failed US policies of appeasing the Islamic regime, flooding it with billions of dollars, empowered and emboldened both the regime and the spreading of the malignancy rather than cutting off its oxygen. When US leaders say they will respond without widening the regional impact, I can hear the mullahs and IRGC in Iran laughing as they realize that the US is not really serious.  The regional impact is already there.  The unacceptable alternative of not confronting it with the seriousness which it requires is continued death and destruction by the Islamic regime and its proxies until the cancer wins.

Immediately, all democratic countries need to stand in unity with Israel in this war. Western politicians and the Biden administration must stop appeasing and supporting the terrorist Islamic regime in Iran by sending billions. They need to stop policies of hypocrisy for the sake of their own countries. They should support Iranians who are fighting against the regime inside and outside Iran to eradicate the root of this cancer. Iranians tried many times to cut the head this evil in Iran, but they have been betrayed by politicians like Obama, the Biden administration, and European leaders.

US President Joe Biden speaks in the White House Rose Garden on Oct. 11, 2023. Credit: Oliver Contreras/official White House photo.
US President Joe Biden speaks in the White House Rose Garden on Oct. 11, 2023. Credit: Oliver Contreras/official White House photo.

If supporting Israel as the main target of the Islamic regime cancer is not a good enough reason, the US and the West in general must not forget that in the past few months alone, the Islamic regime is responsible for hundreds of attacks on US interests and personnel in the region, hijacking of commercial ships and threatening international shipping in general, and is a dangerous menace to their own interest.

The US and Europe need to use maximum pressure on the regime through severe sanctions to completely cut off funding the Iranian economy which supports the regime and its proxies. They also need to close all loopholes that the regime uses to work around the sanctions such as drug dealing, money laundering, crypto currencies, etc. True sanctions should target main sectors that are related to the government mainly banking, oil, weapons, and technology. We need to starve the regime’s cancerous cells, preventing them from bringing money into the country. At the same time western leaders should destroy the Islamic regime’s infrastructure in Iraq and Syria to stop them from shooting their missiles and empowering their proxies. They need to block the regime’s abilities to thrive and expand, whether by land, sea or air.  Western leaders must cripple the regime, stand with Israel, and then support Iranians to eradicate this cancer once and for all. It may be essential, and even good strategy, that the West should target and destroy Iran’s nuclear sites and the IRGC infrastructures inside Iran too. Then the 80 million Iranians who are seeking the overthrow of the regime, the end of the 45-year plague, and praying for this fervently, will have the opportunity to rise up and finish the job. This way, the healthy cells can finish off the cancerous cells, and the Iranian body, and entire world, will be lifted from under this existential threat.

If we do not eradicate this cancer now, Americans and Europeans specifically will pay the price fighting against this malignancy in their home countries. It is time for western leaders and the churches to wake up for the sake of their own nations and faith before it is too late. May God save us all from this evil.



Marziyeh Amirizadeh is an Iranian American who immigrated to the US after being sentenced to death in Iran for the crime of converting to Christianity.   She endured months of mental and physical hardships and intense interrogation. She is author of two books (the latest, A Love Journey with God), public speaker, and activist for religious freedom. She has shared her inspiring story throughout the United States and around the world, to bring awareness about the ongoing human rights violations and persecution of women and religious minorities in Iran. She can be reached at www.MarzisJourney.com.



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