Members‘A Divided Nation Is More Dangerous than Iran’

For years, rabbis, security experts and academics have debated about the possibility of a civil war in Israel, but coming from a Mossad chief it carries extra weight.

By Aviel Schneider |
RELIGIOUS-SECULAR DIVIDE A dangerous rift in Israeli society Photo: Kobi Gideon / FLASH90

The former head of Israel’s legendary Mossad spy agency, Tamir Pardo, has given a dire warning: “I do not see an existential threat from the outside; rather, I fear that the divisions among our people can lead to civil war. The internal threat must worry us more than the external threat.”

Secular and religious Jews have widely differing ideas of the political and spiritual future of Israel as do the Left and Right.

When asked whether it is possible to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Pardo replied, “Prime Minister Netanyahu said that two states will exist between the Mediterranean and Jordan [River], and he is right.”

However, Israel’s national-religious camp disagrees and is trying to prevent this. As early as 2005, the evacuation of Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip stirred up serious fears of civil war.

In the Bible we read of civil wars and ominous divides that threatened the nation, and this was always a danger throughout Jewish history. The tribes of...

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