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For over 40 years Israel Today has provided news and reports direct from Jerusalem to Christian readers in over 80 countries and now in 5 languages. My work as a journalist and editor for this Jerusalem-based news agency is both thrilling and challenging as we aim to give a voice to the people, the issues, and the drama of the Jewish return to their ancient homeland in fulfillment of scripture.

Today, after four decades, there are numerous and sundry news agencies and ministries bringing news about Israel. So we set aside time during the past year to contemplate the goals and vision of Israel Today and how we can continue to serve our readers with unique, authentic and exclusive reporting.

We came up with the following mission statement that reflects who we are, and what makes us unique in what we bring to the world of Israeli journalism today.

Israel Today is a Jerusalem-based Zionist news agency founded in 1978 to bring a biblical dimension to journalism on Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world.

Let me try to explain what this means to us. We are Jerusalem-based not only because our offices are in the center of the capital city, but because this expresses our unconditional devotion to remain right here in the heart of all that happens in Israel and stand with our people no matter the cost. We are a team of Israeli journalists and reporters living in cities, towns and villages across the country.

Our journalists come from a wide variety of backgrounds including Orthodox Jews, secular Israelis, Messianic Jews, and local Christian writers, including our Arab Christian Jordanian correspondent. Many of our writers served in the IDF, including as officers and commanders. We also work with Palestinian sources in Judea and Samaria, Arab Israelis, as well as reporters working inside the Knesset. All of this is by design so that our team with decades of experience on the ground in Israel can bring you comprehensive and broad perspectives on what is really happening in this Land – without compromise.

The one thing that holds us all together is that Israel Today is an unabashedly Zionist news agency. All of us, Jew or Arab, religious or secular, we all love the nation of Israel that we serve together with our families. We hope that this is reflected in our reporting, especially when we are critical of Israel or don’t shy away from reporting on the problems and challenges that face this great nation.

Zionist to us also means doing whatever we can to support and defend Israel in the media and on the ground. That is why we provide numerous projects for you our readers to actively engage in supporting Israel. See Act for Zion’s Sake to find out more about how you can get involved.

You may have noticed that we do not have outside advertisements on our site. That’s because our aim is to work hard and earn your respect and investment in our informative and thoughtful reports and commentary on what’s going on in Israel without being dependent on outside funding. This too sets us apart from other “faith-based” news agencies in that we are not beholden to any denomination or ministry, except of course you, our Israel Today Members.

This means that we don’t exaggerate or puff-up the news for any one political, religious or financial base. Our aim is to give you the news, hard, straight up, without compromise, no sugar-coating added. We believe that’s important to you. Of course, we have lots of “soft news” on Israeli culture, tourism, military, high-tech, inspirational writings, as well as “only in Israel” reports because we are so proud of our nation that never ceases to surprise and amaze the whole world. We are here to report to you about what’s really happening, when it happens, from an Israeli perspective.

Our reporting reflects what the Israeli’s are saying, Jews and Arabs – as well as others from around the Middle East. Our goal is to capture their voices, hopes and dreams, as well as the pain and problems of real people here in the Land.

The fact that Israel Today has survived as a news agency founded in 1978 for over 43 years means that we must be doing something right in giving our readers news and perspective on Israel and the Jewish world that is unique, exclusive, and broad in its perspective and grasp.

Finally, but perhaps most important of all, we bring a biblical dimension to our journalism on Israel, the Jewish World and the Middle East. We chose the expression “biblical dimension” after much discussion. We had originally used the term “faith-based journalism,” but we noticed that many of our readers understood that to mean simply that we are a “Christian publication.” We deeply love and appreciate our Christian friends, especially those who support Israel so devotedly. But we probably should not be considered a Christian media company, at least not in the traditional sense given that our team of reporters and staff reflect the same wide range of peoples, ethnic groups and faith communities that make up the people of Israel today.

We chose the term biblical “dimension” because we  watch what happens daily in Israel through the lens of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments. We do not consider our perspective dogmatic or inflexible but aim to bring a ”biblical dimension” to the daily news and happenings in Israel together with perspectives on the historic return of the Jewish people to their homeland as the fulfillment of the divine promise.

Thanks for listening. We love to hear from you and how we can serve you more effectively in our mutual aim to support the people of Israel.

David Lazarus


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