MembersA House Divided

Surely Jews don’t need a Gentile to cry out against their division and sinat achim? They know, far, far better than I ever could, what fratricidal discord has cost their nation

A series of global crises has distracted even Israel-loving Christians from the only battle that really matters - the Enemy's efforts to reverse God's plan of redemption by thwarting Israel's restoration. Photo: Yossi Aloni/Flash90

The trouble with incessant drum-banging is that, after a while, our ears tune it out. It’s like the boy who cried “wolf!” Too many exclamation marks and you simply stop seeing or hearing them.

Israel is in danger! Hizballah has 130,000 rockets! Iran is weeks away from the nuclear threshold! Hamas has threatened to open the gates of hell! The enemy is advancing! Palestine is being established! The Land of Israel and Jerusalem will be divided again!

No, your mind tells you, we’ve heard it all before. There are bigger, far more serious things happening right now. Look at the havoc wreaked by Covid-19. And the fearful danger of a third world war we are all on the brink of. Russia and China ascendant. The spiralling cost of living. Catastrophic “climate change.” Imminent global recession, pending food famine and the rocketing price of oil. All this while an ageing puppet sits in the White House, Partygate obsesses the British House of Commons, a left-wing government takes the reins in Australia and a former comedic television personality in Kyiv daily berates...

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