A Muslim Call to Rewrite the Quran – Is That a Good Thing? Rahim-Khatib/Flash90

A Muslim Call to Rewrite the Quran – Is That a Good Thing?

The Quran is being criticized in the Muslim world as never before. Can Islam survive the modern rationalistic scientific research that is undermining its “Holy Book?”


Recently the Israeli Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) published an article entitled “Articles in Saudi press call to amend thousands of scribal errors in the Quran, reexamine Islamic texts in light of modern perceptions.” To boost enthusiasm about changing the Quran, the articles were published on Saudi websites without the typical consequences of the authors being arrested or the website taken down. That in itself is highly significant, considering that this country still operates under strict Islamic law, which includes the death penalty for blasphemy against Islam. To curb enthusiasm, the articles were written by journalists, not clergymen.


Quran (or Koran) – not a holy book?

The most important point of Saudi Ahmad Hashem and Kurdish Jarjis Gulizada, the two authors MEMRI mentions, is that the Quran can’t be a holy book since it was written after Mohammad’s time, during the rule of the third caliph Uthman...


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