A Plague of Scorpions Rain on Egypt

Over 500 people have been stung, three have died as scorpions seek shelter from extreme weather inside residents’ homes

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Egypt
Photo: Shutterstock

Masses of poisonous scorpions have raided the city of Aswan as the flooding in southern Egypt continues. Hundreds of people have been stung by the deadly creatures. So far three have died from the poisonous venom.

The extreme stormy weather with heavy rains, raging winds and huge hail stones are forcing thousands of scorpions to seek shelter in the homes of Aswan residents. Almost 500 people have been stung so far and the stormy weather is expected to continue. Egypt’s health services are calling for emergency supplies of antidote against scorpion venom for the city’s hospitals and local health clinics.

Adding to the troubles, the torrential rains and pounding hail are so violent that residents are being told to remain indoors to avoid getting hit by the many trees, telephone poles and electrical wires collapsing on the streets. Aswan City Governor Ashraf Atiya has banned boats on the Nile River and Lake Nasser from sailing close to the city and ordered the closure of roads due to the stormy weather.

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