MembersA stellar “proto-Arabian” role model

Hiding in the Hebrew scriptures in plain sight, we find the ultimate proto-Arabian hero of faith whose example could bring healing to today’s Arab world.

By David Shishkoff | | Topics: Bible, Arab World

We are in the midst of a “rough patch” for the reputation of Arabs. The tragic connection between violent, jihadist Islam and some Arab Muslims, is a pity. It can at times eclipse positive aspects of culture and result in suspicion toward Muslims and Arabs in general.

This identity crisis cries out for transformation and healing.

The roots of this mixture of blessing and curse, stretch back to Ishmael, but then took a turn for the worse with the dubious role model named Mohammed in what is now Saudi Arabia. All ethnicities and countries have a mixture of blessing and curse in their history, including Israel, which was so often rebuked in the Bible for idolatry and a stiff neck. Today’s jihadist Islam happens to be making this mixture painfully obvious.

Often considered the father of Arabs, Ishmael was the first son of Abraham. Ishmael...

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5 responses to “A stellar “proto-Arabian” role model”

  1. Robert's World says:

    The intent of this article is a very worthy goal. It might work with some; but to be honest, I think nothing short of an encounter with Yeshua will truly change the hearts of the Muslim Arabs.

    BTW, Phillip Hitti, ‘MAY’ be correct, but for him to state categorically that Job was an Arab is stretching the identifiable markers, both in the Biblical Scriptures and his study of ancient Arabic writings. There were many people who were migrating one way and then another (such as Abraham). Perhaps Job lived among predominantly Arab people, but that doesn’t make him an Arab.

  2. Masami Cobley says:

    Whoever Phillip Hitti may be, his conclusion that Job was an Arab and lived in the proto-Arabian homeland seems being derived much from his wishful thinking and assumption that the Creator God aims to bring a human-level concept of “peace” (no war) to the Middle East.

    I wouldn’t go along with such a view.

  3. psalm100al says:

    Job was a great man of God but even he was brought to account by God, for his self righteousness. The book of Job is also a picture of Israel going through the tribulation, interestingly.

  4. Paula says:

    I love that G’d is not neat or or simple; as has been said, “I know that you can do anything…” Job 42:2
    Proto-Arab is an intriguing idea. Job’s trust in G’d stands out, and I realize I can do better every time I read his story. His trust reminds me of Abraham’s and both were remarkably successful people. One had an ancient memory of the Righteous Creator, the other heard his voice. Perhaps they represent the One New Man?
    Thanks for this, David!

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