A Voice From the Deep

The powerful words of our most cherished prayers reveal the deep connection between Israel and her God.

By Anat Schneider |
Photo: David Cohen/Flash90

Ana B’Koach, or “Please, with Power” is a poetic prayer or piyyut dating back to the Middle Ages popular among Ashkenazi Hasidim. The piyyut is chanted during the daily morning prayers and in most synagogues, it is also part of the Shabbat prayers.

The Jews are beseeching God, Creator of the world to set them free them from captivity in exile and from exile and bring them home to Israel. They plead for protection over of the people of Israel.

The powerful words, together with the wonderful melody, create a feeling of transcendence as they ask God to hear the cry of their hearts and soul, yearning for salvation.

There is also a deep sense of real longing for connection with God and they look to the God who knows all mysteries, and though we might not understand why we suffer through difficulties, yet we trust in Him.

Please, by the great power of thy right hand, O set the captive free;

Revered G-d, accept thy people’s prayer; strengthen us, cleanse us;

Almighty G-d, guard us as the apple of the eye of those who seek thee;

Bless them, cleanse them, pity them; ever grant them thy truth;

Mighty, holy G-d, in thy abundant grace, guide thy people;

Accept our prayer, hear our cry, thou who knowest all mysteries;

Blessed be the name of his glorious majesty forever and ever;

Listen to this beautiful prayer here

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