Wall around Shuafat Hadas Parush/Flash90

A World Without Walls?

A world without fences and walls would be beautiful no doubt.


And perhaps one can understand the left-wing European governments’ relentless demand for Israel to pull down the barriers around the Palestinian areas and the fences along its borders. I don’t.

These barriers may not be pretty, but what would a world without fences look like? Israel erected border fences in the south to limit a flood of economic migrants streaming in from Africa. On the eastern and northern borders, Israel built electronic fences to stop the dozens of Palestinian suicide attacks emanating from Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

Ironically, the Europeans are now also building their own fences trying to contain a wave of Muslim refugees from Syria and North Africa. As they continue to complain about Israeli fences, the entire European continent is sealing itself off from migrants, refugees and terrorists. (This again became relevant with these same nations, and most others around the world, sealing themselves off from outsiders due to the spread of the coronavirus.)

“Worldwide there are around 65 border walls and…