Our Adventure In Search Of Our Olive Tree In the Negev!

Shalom, could you please help us? We are at the moment in Kadesh Barnea! We would like to see our olive tree! Maybe you could call us?

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Last year we read of the opportunity to plant olive trees in the Negev Desert and we did just that.

Recently we visited Israel and spontaneously decided that it would be nice to visit Israel Today’s olive groves in the Negev Desert and see how our olive tree is growing and thriving.

It was a Monday morning and we took a bus ride towards Beer Milka, near the biblical Kadesh Barnea, where the olive groves have been established. The bus dropped us off on the main road about 4km from the moshav. A young Israeli – Gideon – stopped and offered us a ride to Beer Milka. He dropped us off at the outskirts of the moshav. On thanking Gideon for the ride we offered to pay him for the ride but he would not accept any money. We thanked him and God for providing us help getting to Beer Milka.

We made our way to the only place in the centre of the Moshav that was open, the Post Office, where I sent an e-mail to Israel Today’s editorial office in Jerusalem:

Shalom, could you please help us? We are at the moment in Kadesh Barnea! We would like to see our olive tree! Maybe you could call us?

We waited in the post office for an answer. The more time that passed, the more my hope dwindled that we would see our olive tree…

I kept looking at my phone. Suddenly the answer came to my cry for help – Thank you God!

We received an answer from Israel Today where our tree was situated, including a YouTube video with directions to drive there but…  unfortunately we never had a car. I showed the directions to the post office worker and asked her if she could help us find the grove and our olive tree. She became excited and asked her manager for permission to take us there with her car, which she did.

She had half an hour just for us before she had to return to take care of her two children. We were really impressed at how kind she was! And it worked! We found our tree, it was absolutely cool! We took some pictures, and the nice lady from the Post Office even dropped us off at the bus stop in order to get back to the centre of the country. That was really nice of her and we are so grateful for her help!

Praise and thanks to our Lord and God for all those wonderful people who helped us visit our olive tree in the Negev Desert!

Dirk & Corrie B., The Netherlands


Would you appreciate your own olive tree in Israel – tagged with your name?

The goal of this project is trusting in God and being led by the zionist and pioneering spirit of greening the Land of Israel.

“Are the trees people…” (Deuteronomy 20:19)


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