Americans Burning Israeli Flags

Israelis aren’t used to seeing Americans publicly burn their national flag, but that’s what happened at the DNC

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Folks over here are used to seeing Palestinians and Iranians burning the Israeli flag. But it was a bit of a shocker to see Americans doing the same on Tuesday.

Especially at the national convention of the Democratic Party, which so often and so adamantly asserts that it is a true friend of the Jewish state.

Both inside and outside the convention center, disunity in the Democratic Party was apparent as supporters of candidate Bernie Sanders caused a ruckus over the nomination of Hillary Clinton.

Elements within the Democratic Party that are hostile toward Israel took advantage of the situation.

In a video posted online, one protestor is seen setting an Israeli flag alight, while another waves a Palestinian flag nearby. Others chant “Long Live the Intifada” – a call of support for the Palestinian terrorist campaign plaguing Israel.

A day earlier, members of the same “progressive” movement held aloft a Palestinian flag inside the convention center.

During his campaign, Sanders, despite being Jewish, broke sharply with traditional bi-partisan support for Israel, and on occasion struck a decidedly anti-Israel tone.

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