Americans Burning Israeli Flags

Israelis aren’t used to seeing Americans publicly burn their national flag, but that’s what happened at the DNC

Folks over here are used to seeing Palestinians and Iranians burning the Israeli flag. But it was a bit of a shocker to see Americans doing the same on Tuesday.

Especially at the national convention of the Democratic Party, which so often and so adamantly asserts that it is a true friend of the Jewish state.

Both inside and outside the convention center, disunity in the Democratic Party was apparent as supporters of candidate Bernie Sanders caused a ruckus over the nomination of Hillary Clinton.

Elements within the Democratic Party that are hostile toward Israel took advantage of the situation.

In a video posted online, one protestor is seen setting an Israeli flag alight, while another waves a Palestinian flag nearby. Others chant “Long Live the Intifada” – a call of support for the Palestinian terrorist campaign plaguing Israel.

A day earlier, members of the same “progressive” movement held aloft a Palestinian flag inside the convention center.

During his campaign, Sanders, despite being Jewish, broke sharply with traditional bi-partisan support for Israel, and on occasion struck a decidedly anti-Israel tone.