An Unkosher Tale

Two young wild boars were seen wandering around a public park in Bat Yam, causing a stir in the coastal city.

By Israel Today Staff |
PIG OUT: This wild boar was out of bounds
PIG OUT: This wild boar was out of bounds Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

Police were summoned and eventually found the animals in the local industrial zone. The surprise visitors were tranquilized and returned to the Rishon LeZion wilderness reserve where authorities believe they originated.

Although there are many wild boars in Israel, they are considered a protected species. Most wander throughout the mountainous regions in the north of the country, but lately large groups have migrated to the south and can be seen in the Arava Desert and around the Dead Sea. These are large, intelligent mammals who eat anything and everything. Since they do not have any natural enemies, and given the fact that neither Jews nor Muslims eat pork, their numbers are growing steadily.

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