ANALYSIS: How Foreign Actors are Establishing a Palestinian State

Europe helps the Palestinians create “facts on the ground,” while Biden returns to indirectly funding Palestinian terrorism

By Yochanan Visser | | Topics: palestinians, European Union, Biden
Europe is trying to help birth a Palestinian state
Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib/ Flash90

Two new scandals involving the Palestinian Authority (PA), the European Union, and the current US Administration of President Joe Biden were revealed by Israel’s Channel 13 News and the US news organization The Washington Free Beacon.

The scandals show that instead of consolidating its sovereignty in Judea and Samaria (or the so-called “West Bank”), Israel is losing the battle over its Biblical heartland.

Both the European Union and the Biden Administration are helping the PA to establish a terrorist state in this area.

Last week, Channel 13 broadcast a blockbuster two-part documentary about the shocking activities of the European Union (EU) in the so-called “Area C” in Judea and Samaria. This area was assigned to Israel under the Oslo Accords and COGAT, the Civil Administration of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), is responsible for daily affairs there, including issuing building permits.

The documentary also revealed that certain elements in COGAT are collaborating with the PA and are leaking information to the Palestinian Security Forces about the intended sale of land to Jews in Area C by Palestinian Arabs.


Ad Kan goes undercover

The Channel 13 documentary was made with the cooperation of the Israeli non-profit organization Ad Kan, which investigates Palestinian activities in the disputed territories in Judea and Samaria that it considers harmful to Israel.

Arabic-speaking employees of this organization disguised themselves as Arabs and went undercover into the Palestinian Authority (PA) to investigate exactly what are the activities of the EU in Area C. The investigation clearly showed that the EU is secretly helping the PA to create a Palestinian state in Area C, as well as Arab Jerusalem.

Facts on the ground: Illegal Palestinian settlement structures donated by the European Union.

The role of foreign actors in the grand scheme

The EU, the United Nations and certain Arab countries are funding the entire project to the tune of three billion euros, the Ad Kan ‘agents’ discovered after conversations with PA officials and after obtaining internal PA documents.

One billion euros have been earmarked for construction in Arab Jerusalem and the rest goes to construction projects in Area C.

The European Union also provides legal aid and personnel to assist the PA in planning building projects in Area C and Arab Jerusalem. Currently, 100 of these projects are in the planning stages, Ad Kan revealed.

The EU is “pushing with all its might” to help the PA establish a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria, a move that is, in fact, illegal per the Oslo Accords of 1993 and 1995, Ad Kan noted.

The Israeli NGO wrote that the EU has established “a well-oiled mechanism” in which it helps the PA to grab land in Judea and Samaria in order to isolate Israeli communities there and wants to “establish a de facto terrorist state in the heart of Israel.”

“Never before has there been such blatant interference in the internal affairs of any country in the world by the European Union as in ours, whether in funding anti-Israel organizations or in redrawing the borders of the Jewish state,” Ad Kan said in a statement following the Channel 13 broadcast.

Israelis protest European interference through indirect funding of Palestinian terrorism.

Data about illegal Arab construction

Earlier, the Regavim organization in Israel published data regarding illegal Arab construction in Area C. In 2009 the number of illegal Arab structures in Area C stood at 29,784, while in 2018 the number had risen to 58,435, according to Regavim, an Israeli NGO that monitors illegal Arab construction in Area C and in Arab Jerusalem.

The EU actively helped with financing this illegal construction and supplied hundreds of prefab houses to Arabs that live in Area C.


Corrupt Civil Administration employees

Ad Kan, furthermore, discovered that there are certain COGAT employees who provide information to the Palestinian Security Forces about Arabs in Area C who come to the Civil Administration for a permit to sell land to Jews.

After filling in certain forms these Arabs are then arrested by the PA and, at best, tortured. Others “disappear” or are murdered and their bodies dumped. This is done to deter other Palestinian Arabs from selling land to Jews, according to Tzvi Yechezkieli, the maker of the documentary and Channel 13’s Middle East expert.

Biden wants to facilitate a peace deal, but he risks a return to the same cycle of violence.

Second scandal involving US Administration

Then there was a shocking report by Adam Kredo, an investigative reporter for The Washington Free Beacon, an US-based news site.

Kredo’s article was about an as yet unpublished US State Department report that described how the PA continues to use foreign aid to pay stipends to jailed Palestinian terrorists and the families of so-called “martyrs,” Palestinian Arabs who died during terrorist attacks.

The report stated that the PA has continued to use foreign financial aid to fund payments to terrorists held in Israeli jails for attacks on Israelis until this very day. In 2019, the PA further distributed $191 million to the families of shahids (Islamic martyrs), according to Kredo.

The funding of these practices by the PA are prohibited under US law, and it was the reason the Trump Administration cut off financial aid to the PA.

See: Trump Tells Palestinians to Kiss American Money Goodbye

The new US administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has decided to resume financial aid to Palestinian Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank, the State Department stated in the report.

“The State Department admitted it was unable to certify to Congress that the Palestinian Authority and Palestine Liberation Organization are complying with the Taylor Force Act, the legislation that prohibits funding the PA as long as it continues its ‘pay to slay’ policy,” Kredo wrote.

He furthermore reported that in 2020 the PA allegedly allocated $155 million in foreign aid for its ‘pay to slay’ in program.

The PA does this via its own postal bank system in order to prevent Israel from seizing the money.

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