ANALYSIS: Lebanon in Dire Straits Because of Hezbollah Tomer Neuberg/Flash90
Middle East

ANALYSIS: Lebanon in Dire Straits Because of Hezbollah

The Iranian terrorist proxy has brought a once-prosperous Arab state to the brink of collapse


Unrest in Lebanon is continuing unabated with thousands of protesters taking to the streets and blocking main traffic intersections while demanding an end to the huge economic and financial crisis that has brought the country to the brink of disaster.

Lebanon also faces a food crisis that was exacerbated after the government raised the price of bread for the first time in a decade. People in the Cedar country have recently been rushing to supermarkets to buy food essentials, leading Al-Makhazen Coop, the largest food retailer in Lebanon, to close its branches in Beirut.

Bread prices rose by a staggering 33 percent this week. The Lebanese pound now trades officially at 1,507 pounds to one US dollar, but in reality people have to pay 9,000 pounds for one dollar on the black market since banks will no longer exchange the local currency.

Lebanon has to cope with an energy crisis as well with households getting only three hours of electricity a day. As a result, people are buying candles and again took the...


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