Analysis: What Really Happened in Beirut? Zaatari Lebanon/Flash90
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Analysis: What Really Happened in Beirut?

Read this insider analysis you won’t find anywhere else, including Israel’s involvement.


More than a week after the Israeli military (IDF) increased its presence in the area of the Lebanese and Syrian border the IDF has decided to turn to normal while Major-General Amir Baram the commander of the IDF’s Central Northern Command still thinks an escalation with the Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah is still possible.

Baram told a group of foreign ambassadors that “civic considerations – such as tourism, the economic downturn during the coronavirus crisis and the sense of security of the people of the north – have been and will continue to be a significant component” in the decision-making process.

The IDF commander could have added that Hezbollah is too much occupied with containing a huge internal crisis that exacerbated significantly last week after a series of huge explosions destroyed half of Beirut and killed more than 150 Lebanese and foreign citizens.

Hezbollah is completely controlling Lebanon and…