Anti-Israel Activists Should Vote for Biden, Says Leading Intellectual

With Bernie Sanders out, Biden is the best hope of reversing Trump’s pro-Israel policies

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: America
Is Joe Biden a friend to Israel?
Photo: Flash90

The progressive Left these days just loves a Jew who will speak against Israel. And none do it so vociferously as author and intellectual Noam Chomsky.

In an interview with Middle East Eye last week, Chomsky noted that 20 years ago, support for Israel was almost unanimous in American politics. In fact, at times it was even stronger among liberal Democrats than among conservative Republicans.

“Israel used to be the darling of the left liberals,” said Chomsky. Today, he asserted that “only” the nationalist Right and Evangelical Christians unconditionally support the Jewish state.

The progressive shift in the Democratic Party presents an opportunity for the Palestinian nationalist cause, Chomsky stressed, and anyone who wants to keep the momentum going should vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming US presidential election.

Chomsky felt the need to speak out on the topic due to concern that progressive Democratic voters would choose a third-party candidate after their man, Bernie Sanders, was ousted from the race in favor of Biden.

To be sure, in Chomsky’s eyes, even Bernie Sanders didn’t lean far enough toward the Palestinians, and Biden even less so. But, he believes that unlike President Donald Trump, Sanders and Biden could be bent to the will of the pro-Palestinian movement.

It’s important to note that while they call it “pro-Palestinian” activism, it’s actually an anti-Israel movement. What Chomsky and his ilk mean by “justice” for the Palestinians is forcing Israel to accept any and every Arab demand, regardless of what that means for the security and continued existence of the Jewish state, which they view as an illegal entity to begin with.

And he believes that Joe Biden is the man to get that job done.

Already Biden has said that if elected he will oppose Israel’s annexation of the Jordan Valley and other parts of the biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria. However, he vowed to not reverse President Trump’s transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, a move that solidified US recognition of the Holy City as Israel’s undivided capital.

Whichever way Biden ends up leaning, one thing is certain: Israel is once again going to be one of the top issues of the American presidential race.


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