Washington to the PA on ‘Palestine’: “We’ve got this”

Biden’s national security guru meets PA chief, capping diplomatic flurry designed to reassure the Palestinian Arabs of US support for the ‘Two State Solution’.

By Stan Goodenough | | Topics: palestinians, America
United States National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan Photo: EPA-EFE/MICHAEL REYNOLDS / POOL

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan Wednesday bolstered Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas with the news Washington remains devoted to achieving the Two State Solution.

This “solution” comprises the universally-supported theft of the Jews’ ancestral lands – which also form Israel’s strategic high ground – so that a new Arab country can be birthed.

Sullivan was the third US administration to meet with Abbas in the last two weeks.

The security advisor, who was sent to pressure Jerusalem into not striking Tehran’s nuclear facilities, took time out from addressing this – to Israel – existential threat, by addressing, and encouraging, another. Washington’s fears of imminent Israeli military action against the Islamic Republic have intensified against the backdrop of failing talks in Vienna between Iran and global powers. But the US is also heavily invested in birthing Palestine.

As has been noted by many Israeli leaders, including prime ministers Benjamin Netanyahu and Yitzhak Rabin, a Palestinian state is a weapon designed to destroy the Jewish state. All Palestinian Arab organisations – including the PA/PLO, Hamas and the Palestine Islamic Jihad – remain committed in word and deed to using Palestine as a springboard from which to annihilate Israel.

While few details were disclosed about what Sullivan told Abbas, the Arab was less reticent about divulging his insistences. These included:

  •  “The need” to end “the Israeli occupation” of “the land of the State of Palestine.”
  •  “The need” for Israel to check the growth of Jewish communities in Samaria and Judea.
  • “The need” for Israel to stop “assaults and terrorism of [he meant “by”] settlers”
  • The importance of respecting the “exclusive right” of Muslims to pray on the Jews’ holiest site – the Temple Mount.
  • An end to the eviction of Palestinian Arab illegal squatters in Jerusalem.
  • Ensuring that the PA receives tax revenues Israel deducts from Palestinian Arabs living in Israeli sovereign territory. Some of this income funds the PA’s pay-to-slay-Jews benefits.


Abbas reportedly complained to Sullivan about Israeli sovereign actions he says are designed to frustrate the Two State Solution.

Ignoring the PA’s persistent breaching of its commitments under the Oslo Accords, Abbas demanded that Israel implement its agreements. Such compliance, he said, would work to “start a real political process in accordance with international legitimacy resolutions.”

Observers have noted how the Arab side has learned from long experience that it can successfully dupe the international community into believing its claims about international law by repeatedly proclaiming that such laws exist.

Numerous experts – among them jurists and academics at the top of their fields – have documented and argued an entirely contradictory set of international laws that support Jewish settlement in all Judea and Samaria, and refute the Arab assertions.

An overwhelming majority of world leaders embraces the Arab narrative and rejects the Jewish one.

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