Do they not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? Avi Ohayon/Flash90

Anyone Else Would Have Received the Nobel Peace Prize

Giving them the Nobel Prize would mean admitting Trump and Bibi were right. We can’t have that.


To win a Nobel Peace Prize, you probably have to have the right name. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with the help of his partner in Washington, US President Donald Trump, achieved in just two months what his predecessors only dared to dream. Four Arab countries in the Middle East have signed historic peace agreements with Israel, and negotiations are currently underway with others behind closed doors.

I am sure that for the same achievement, former US President Barack Obama would have been guaranteed a second Nobel Peace Prize. Any Israeli head of state with a different name would certainly have received the Nobel Peace Prize, too. In 2009, Obama was awarded that prize for much less. Some say for nothing. The Nobel Committee chose Obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. Even Obama reacted to the news with some surprise. “What for?” was his initial response when his press secretary delivered the news in October 2009.

Trump and Netanyahu seem to be rather unpopular in the mainstream media of our times. It seems that...


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