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Arab Vs. Israeli Scientists

While Israelis are busy changing the world, top Arab minds are still debating medieval folk remedies


Israeli universities and research centers have for years led the world in their respective fields. Take for example the development of military technology. Israel has produced robotic devices and vehicles that now enable it to engage in espionage and carry out attacks on enemies without risking the lives of its soldiers. It has also fielded defensive innovations like the Iron Dome, capable even of intercepting mortar shells.

Then, of course, there’s the medical field, where Israel has again contributed, among other things, advanced robotic surgical devices. One of my colleagues who is a neurosurgeon by profession has witnessed these devices in action during courses on performing spinal surgery held in Germany.

There are many more examples, but all this is to highlight the fact that this tiny nation of Israel has produced breakthroughs and innovations now in use by the world’s top nations. How did it manage to do so, and why are none of its Arab neighbors on equal footing in this regard?

Already decades before the rebirth of Israel as a nation-state, the Jewish leadership determined…