Beirut Explosion: Divine Intervention or Senseless Tragedy? EPA-EFE/Thibault Camus
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Beirut Explosion: Divine Intervention or Senseless Tragedy?

Lebanon’s tragedy reveals the different shades of morality present within Israeli society


Though the full outcome of the Beirut explosion is not yet known, few would deny that we have witnessed a life-changing event for Lebanon. As could be expected, the reactions of Israelis to this horrific event vary considerably, ranging from unconditional sympathy with the Lebanese people to sheer joy over what is perceived as divine intervention.

Two most glaring examples, that of Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai and that of Jewish Identity party chief Moshe Feiglin, are sufficient to illustrate the sad reality in which Israelis are butting heads over everything and anything. Huldai decided to light up Tel Aviv City Hall with the colors of the Lebanese flag in solidarity. This gesture, tweeted the mayor, demonstrates that “humanity precedes any conflict, and our hearts are with the Lebanese people in the wake of the terrible disaster that befell them.”

In response, some Lebanese said they would light up Tel Aviv with missiles.

Moshe Feiglin opened his Facebook post dealing with the explosion with a quote...


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