Benevolent Antisemitism Creative Commons

Benevolent Antisemitism

How the modern race to politically correct equality leads to antisemitism and the destruction of civilization as we know it.


Why is it that Israel is hated by millions of good people, Israelis included, from around the world, by the very same people swearing they are fighting for improved humanity and better world? Or phrasing the question differently, why for so many people, Israelis included, hating Israel has become a moral prerogative? The answer lies in the vision post-colonial world.

The leading post-colonial voice in Israel is the daily Haaretz, that not only outlines the kind of world we should live in today, but also points to the desired world of the future, that, at least in theory, should be free from racism, sexism and host of other real and imagined human ailment that are causing all the misery in this world.

Haaretz is not the only one promoting its own unique Jewish version for improved humanity. Nevertheless, just as Jews were active at the vanguard of Marxism and Feminism, so today one can find Jews willingly placing themselves at the forefront...


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