MembersBenjamin Netanyahu: A Theological Failure or Determinism’s Servant?

As a right-wing blogger and columnist, those who follow me are familiar with my consistent, well-reasoned critique of security and internal issues over the course of Benjamin Netanyahu’s 10 years as Prime Minister.

By Oria Amrani |
Photo: Jonathan Klinger / Flickr

One of my main criticisms has to do with Netanyahu’s failure to hold our legal system accountable, and thereby encouraging subversive post- and anti-Zionist NGOs to continue damaging Israel’s security and character. In particular, the prime minister regularly empowers and strengthens the already unshakable status of the Supreme Court and the Attorney General, whose authority has no parallel in any other Western democracy.

Both the legal system and the aforementioned NGOs are known to hold a liberal worldview that sanctifies “human rights,” codified (for them) in the 1992 “basic law of human dignity and liberty” that was pushed by then-Chief Justice Aharon Barak as part of his agenda of “judicial activism.” It’s this agenda that continues to set the course for Israel’s Supreme Court.

Benjamin Netanyahu was elected as a right-wing, conservative nationalist and as a security hard-liner. I should say here that I voted for him in the last two elections; the alternatives were much scarier. Netanyahu had 10 years to clean the stables, as the saying goes. Instead,...

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