MembersBiblical Legal Cliffhangers: Jonathan, the Honeycomb and the Right to Pardon

The Bible is full of not only spiritual, but legal situations that continue to inform our modern system of justice

By Avshalom Kapach | | Topics: Bible
Photo: Pixabay

In the modern State of Israel, the right to pardon is vested in the President of the State. After sentencing, the convicted may appeal to the President for relief or full pardon.

In the legal judgements that appear in the Bible, ordinary people are actively involved in the hearings. In the event of a ruling contrary to the opinion of the people, it is possible for the people’s representatives to demand a pardon be given. Let’s see an example.

In the days of King Saul, the people of Israel fought many wars against enemies around them. In the book of First Samuel chapter 14 we find a detailed description of a battle between the Philistines and Israel. A Philistine force invaded the heart of Israeli territory, taking a strategic high point called Michmash. King Saul and his army arrayed themselves on a nearby hilltop (Geva/Migron) with a deep valley dividing between the two armies. The Philistines had a technological military advantage (iron weapons). The Israeli army was at a disadvantage.

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