MembersBilly Graham: Christian Zionist and Anti-Semite?

The passing of American evangelist Rev.

By Ryan Jones |
Photo: Flash 90

Billy Graham was felt around the world. And that includes Israel, though some might describe Graham’s relationship with the Jewish people as “complicated.”

That the label “Christian Zionist” could be applied to Graham is beyond dispute. He clearly viewed the modern State of Israel as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy that should be supported by Bible-believing Christians. And Graham backed up that belief with action, which in large part is why today a firm majority of American Evangelical Christians unwaveringly stand with the Jewish state. In 1960, Graham led a high-profile tour to Israel, which put the Jewish state on the spiritual map for churches across America. While here, Graham told then-Foreign Minister Golda Meir that he had no intention of trying to convert Jews away from Judaism. And that put Graham on the spiritual map for Israelis. Years later, Graham would publicly oppose an interdenominational Church campaign to convert the Jews of America, stating, “I believe that God has always had a special relationship with the Jewish people. In my evangelistic efforts I have never felt called to...

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