Unstoppable: The Creation of Palestine

Surrogate Europe is in labour. The baby will be “Palestine.” The due date: 2030

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An Israeli Border Guard looks on as Palestinians build yet another settlement with European money in Israel's Biblical heartland. Photo: Flash90

If the above headline stops you in your tracks, and your instinctive reaction is incredulity and a knee-jerk rejection of it, then you really need to read this.

A mid-January news item should have exploded like the Tonga volcano across the viewing screens of those Jews and Christians who, like the God of Israel, are “zealous for Zion with great zeal”. Instead of a tsunami – the report caused barely a stir.

Of the English-language Jewish media, The Jerusalem Post was alone in covering it under the headline, “EU funding de-facto seizure of Area C, Intelligence Ministry warns.”

Titled “Foreign Assistance as a significant accelerator in the takeover processes”, the ministry’s alert was to be submitted to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee (FADC) on January 18.

Takeover of what? Of the Biblical heartland of the Jewish people – its expropriation by proxy by foreign governments determined to establish Palestine.

What the Intelligence Ministry told the FADC is that tens of millions of euros, primarily gifted by the EU and UK to the Palestinian Authority, are bankrolling the massive theft of the Jews’ ancestral land.

“The EU has spent some €170 million over the past decade on master plans for Palestinian development, with special support from Great Britain, France and Belgium.”

Key to its plans is a registration program directing Palestinians Arabs to lay claim to land throughout the “West Bank.” Scheduled for completion in 2022, this property registration is being done by Arabs only. Jews are not registering lands. In fact, Israeli civil administration officials have pooh-poohed these proceedings as having no legal weight. For its part, Israel has failed to carry out any comprehensive land registering of these areas since they were restored to Jewish control in 1967.

Were it widely seen, and its gravity understood, the report would spur into prayer and action those who understand the Enemy’s resolve to reverse the restoration of Israel.

As loud a warning as it should have triggered, it isn’t, in fact, fresh news. The danger has been voiced with increasing stridency over recent years, but has consistently fallen on deaf ears, with both the previous Netanyahu government and the current Bennett-Lapid coalition showing anything but alarm.

Last September 20, the World Israel News (WIN) website bellowed that the “EU plans to spend 3 billion Euros creating a de-facto Palestinian state by 2030”!

The European Union, WIN said, has decided to simply circumvent the stalled Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and to build Palestine on the Arabs’ behalf.

Substantiating these reports, quotes from both Israeli and Arab sources revealed that:

  • Europe is actively promoting and financing the construction of Palestinian Arab settlements in the parts of Judea and Samaria designated as ‘Area C’. (As agreed to by the Palestinian signatories to the Oslo Accords, these areas are under exclusive Israeli control.)
  • The EU has assigned segments of the land in Area C to individual European states, tasking each with drafting plans and allocating budgets for Arab construction there.
  • Completely ignoring the Israeli government, which is the legal authority, these European states have dispatched architects and contractors to their designated areas to expedite the building.
  • To date, hundreds of millions of euros have been poured into Arab construction in Area C, with Germany last September announcing its intention to plough 100 million more into Palestinian projects.
  • The Palestinian Authority – whose frayed political fortunes are being propped up by nations fearful of a Hamas takeover of “Palestine” – thanked “the government and people of Germany for their…continuing commitment to the rights of the Palestinian people…to establish their independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital….”
  • Europe’s criminal intrusion into Israel’s affairs has gone on for years, as closely monitored by the Israeli NGO Regavim.
  • The Israeli monitor Ad Kan, states that the EU decided this year “to move from pilot plan to implementation, and then wait to see the Israeli response to actual construction.”
  • The EU’s conduct is brazen. A quoted EU spokesman sneered that anyone who felt to complain about it should remember that Israel is guilty of illegal settlement construction. (This is patently untrue.)
  • Also noted is the total one-sidedness of Israel’s multitudinous critics, who howl that the Jewish state is establishing facts on the ground by constructing communities, but completely ignore the EU’s barefaced funding of proscribed Palestinian construction that entrenches the Arab occupation.

World Israel News, too, was shouting into the wind.

Palestine’s tentacles are spreading over the Mountains of Israel, across the Samarian and Judean hills and into its valleys. It is proliferating on both sides of Highway 60 – “The Way of the Patriarchs” walked by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Towns are mushrooming, their glittering new mosques surrounded by mansions, villas, and transplanted date-palm groves. Apartment blocks abound, many of them shells without windows or connected utilities – erected solely to affirm the Arab proclamation, “we are here and we will build.”

The birth of the bastard state of Palestine (a birth, not a rebirth, because it’s never existed before; and illegitimate, because it has no historical or legal leg to stand on) is well underway.

With the EU its surrogate mother, the child is in the birth canal; the contractions are intense; the due date is marked on the calendar of an Israel-hating world. Eight years from now – unless God intervenes – the nation that has never been a nation is set to have its independent state, right in the heart of the Land of Israel.

Israel’s enemies are succeeding – and here is a distressing truth: They are succeeding not least because most of the world’s relatively few Israel-aware Christians have been diverted. We are fighting other battles, battles against things that affect us, our countries, our societies. Covid-19 and Climate Change obsess us. Gog and Magog and “the Rapture” excite our expectations.

The Enemy is not diverted. He is totally focused; his forces fully engaged.

We who believe in the God of Israel should be as engaged, as focused on the frontline of this battle. We have this calling:

I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent…” (Isaiah 62:6)

Are we at our posts?