MembersHow Should We Then Live?

What can Christians learn from Judaism in regards to a living, experiential relationship with God?

By David Lazarus | | Topics: Bible, Athens or Jerusalem, CHRISTIANS
Fishermen from the kibbutz Ein Gev, seen on the fishing boat "Gil" on the sea of Galilee, Northern Israel. The team, conducted by Menahem Lev, is composed of third-generation fishermen from the Kinneret, volunteers and new immigrants. During their work, the team does its best to avoid harming the fish population. Among other things, the team refrain from fishing in nesting areas as well as return small fish to the water. The work is hard and intensive and takes place during the hot hours of the day. They spread their fishi collection into a separate boat full of ice and then repeat the cycle. In the course of the work they also repair the damaged nets, and in the end they also get rest and food. May 07, 2017. Photo by Maor Kinsbursky/FLASH90 *** Local Caption *** דייגי עין גב על ספינת הדייג "גיל" צוות הדייגים של קיבוץ עין גב יוצא לעבודה בכינרת. הצוות בניצוחו של מנחם לב מורכב מדייגים דור שלישי בכינרת מתנדבים ועולים חדשים. במהלך העבודה הסיזיפית הצוות עושה כמייטב יכולתו על מנת שלא לפגוע באוכלוסיית הדגה. בין היתר נמנע הצוות מדייג באזורי קינון ומחזיר למים דגים קטנים. העבודה קשה ואינטנסיבית ומתבצעת בשעות החמות של היום. פריסת רשתות איסוף והוצאה של הדגים לסירה נפרדת מלאה בקרח ושוב חוזר הסבב. במהלך העבודה מתקנים את הרשתות שנפגמות מבצעים רישומים ובסוף גם זוכים למנוחה ואוכל. Photo: Maor Kinsbursky/FLASH90

This is Part 3 in our series on “Athens or Jerusalem? Establishing the Spiritual Heritage of Jesus’ Followers”

I have heard many Christians, and even some Messianic Jews, express the idea that “we don’t have anything to learn from the Jews or their dead legalistic religion, but they have everything to learn from us.” This elitist and exclusive attitude has not only denied fair and honest access to the true gospel of Jesus Christ for our Jewish brothers and sisters, but has stripped the Church of much of her own rich heritage as heirs to the faith of our father Abraham.

Much of the anti-Judaism and anti-Zionism found in many churches today can be traced directly to these negative attitudes towards Jews and the Jewish faith.

Much of the bad blood between Jews and Christians is a result of the unfortunate decision by the Church to call the Jewish Scriptures the “Old Testament.” This title implies that the Hebrew Bible is passé, out of date and...

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