Blood on the Hands of Israeli Judges

Israeli lawmaker sounds the alarm after lenient judge enables deadly terrorist shooting in Jerusalem

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Let’s not call them victims of terror. First Sergeant Yosef Kirma and retired Knesset employee Levana Malihi, killed in Sunday’s shooting attack in Jerusalem, are the latest casualties in the war against the Jewish presence in the Holy Land. 

Calling them victims degrades their memory and belittles the significance of the true source of the Palestinians’ unrestrained hate for Israelis. Though the world has fallen prey to the “occupation” mantra, the truth is that occupation is only a moral facade hiding a lethal agenda.

Israelis were supposed to be the first to recognize this, and they did, right up until the signing of the so-called “Oslo Accords” in 1993. Then, when with the stroke of a pen the Israeli government transformed the PLO into a partner for peace, the facade of occupation was amalgamated with the enemy, thus creating the false image of peace-loving Palestinians whose only (justified) wish is to have a state of their own. 

The Israeli intelligentsia, in particular, being predisposed to a radical liberal ideology, embraced this new image with uncritical passion stemming from their interpretation of human rights. The effect was first felt in universities that became hives for liberal indoctrination. Twenty-three years later, with that generation’s graduates of law, sociology and philosophy schools reaching professional maturity, the unmitigated liberalism enabled by Oslo has become overwhelming, if not downright devastating.

The Israeli judicial system has proved, time and again, to be particularly receptive to the “occupation narrative,” and Sunday’s attack is a vivid, appalling, reminder of how far some Israeli judges have gone. 

The Palestinian who carried out the attack was under the watchful eyes of the Israeli security apparatus, and was supposed to turn himself in on Monday for a three-month prison sentence. He had been convicted on 14 charges of incitement to violence and terror. But the judge presiding over his case decided to turn this man loose for the duration of his legal proceedings, despite police protests.

But most shocking was Likud MK Yehuda Glick’s Facebook post in which he charged the very same judge with nothing less than direct responsibility for the assassination attempt on his own life in 2014, and for the deaths of Sunday’s victims. 

Israeli police officials have long considered Glick a dangerous agitator, despite the fact that his only “crime” was to see to it that Jews receive their due freedom and civil rights on the Temple Mount. Glick miraculously survived the four bullets shot at him at point-blank range by Mutaz Hijazi of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine.

In the wake of Sunday’s shooting, and more soberly, on the eve of the Day of Atonement, Glick wrote: 

“Honorable Judge Hagit Mak Kalmanowitz, I will not forgive you on this Day of Atonement. I will never forget the day of October 22, 2014, when I stood before you begging for my life … you chose to believe the terrorists … you mocked me. You preferred the terrorists over me … you preferred to believe the violent, the terrorists, the wicked, the liars … I felt as if you were assassinating me!! Exactly a week later … encouraged by the tail wind you provided him, Mutaz Hijazi attempted to assassinate me. His attempted murder didn’t hurt me one bit. Needless to say that at the end it was proved beyond doubt that I am guiltless. But your attempted assassination hurt like a knife cutting the heart … you were cruel to the innocent and merciful to the cruel. As a result of you suspending the arrest of a terrorist, yesterday he murdered two Jews and wounded many others.”

This shocking indictment of a judge by an MK who is normally exceptionally pleasant is not an isolated case. Glick harshly exposes a system turned against the people it is supposed to protect. Shocking and true as Glick’s post is, it would be naïve to think that it will bring immediate change. Nevertheless, Glick has sounded the alarm so loudly that it will be almost impossible to ignore it.


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