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It’s no easy task to put a new magazine together every month.

Aviel Schneider
Photo: Israel Today

It is not only a challenge but also a big responsibility. Each week we in the editorial team sit down together and agonize over what we should write about and report. To be honest, the current political scene is not exactly enthralling. The peace process has been deadlocked for years, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has dozed off and awoken as a worldwide war between Islam and those that it calls the “unbelievers.”


For many years, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been the master of the house with no serious rivals on the horizon. Nevertheless, people are always expecting something dramatic from the Holy Land. Israel and boring news simply do not go together.


We often engage in heated debates at our staff meetings where we either approve or shelve different topics. When I sit down with Ryan, Tsvi, Michael, David, Dov, Nettanell and other colleagues, we don’t always agree about everything. Often we even raise our voices, but this liveliness can be fun.

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