British Mandate Secrets Recently Revealed

A New Israeli TV documentary uncovers Britain’s role in creating the Arab-Israeli conflict. Plus Arab historians expose Palestinian leadership infighting and refusal of coexistence with Jews.

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Coexistence, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Photo: Yonatan Sindel Flash90

After decades of fighting radical Palestinian/Islamic narratives, at times with slightly over-idealized accounts of Zionism, this series takes a brand-new look at where we are and how we got here.

In addition to Jewish experts, the production features mostly Arabic and British/American researchers giving it a refreshing feel of authentic objectivity. The 3-part series JUST CAME OUT with ENGLISH SUBTITLES. In addition to modern research historians, it also includes rare archive interviews with those directly involved – British, Jewish and Arab decision makers (many speaking in English). Testimonial evidence comes to light which was supposed to have been destroyed, from the secret sessions of the Peel Commission in 1937. The secretary of the commission John Martin, disobeyed his orders and preserved the confidential testimonies. Now these testimonial archives have been opened.

The British understood clearly that their government had promised the land to two different peoples and there was going to be no easy way out of the debacle.

The Zionists felt the British mandate was maneuvering on behalf of Arab interests.

The local Arab “Palestinians” felt the British mandate was maneuvering on behalf of the Zionists.

But in hindsight, the British were mostly maneuvering for their own interests, and as these interests ebbed and flowed, they formed the outlines of the developing conflict.

Get a feel for this riveting chapter of land and tribes buffeted between world wars, a Holocaust, religions and empires. Even though it does not attempt to analyze the spiritual layer of the conflict, this series is highly recommended for viewing:

Click HERE to start watching now!

[Note: The Israeli TV website link is not active in all countries.]





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12 responses to “British Mandate Secrets Recently Revealed”

  1. Mark Watkins says:


    But of course they would, nothing to see here, we must move along! The UK has paid a heavy price for their policies toward Israel, forgetting Beresheit 12:3 is the ruin of all empires, next on the list for demise, America and it is in full swing!!!

  2. G. Ian Goodson says:

    Video unvailable. The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

    Which is to say, the UK. Seems a bit odd that the accused has no access to the evidence.

    • David Shishkoff says:

      Sorry about that. We have switched the hyperlink to the Israeli TV website instead of YouTube. Please let us know if you can view the evidence 😉

      Speaking of accusations, possibly more balanced to say that the need to respond to competing interests of foreign affairs exacerbated the potential for tension and conflict on ethnic, religious, and spiritual grounds, etc.

  3. Rabbi Gabriel Lumbroso says:

    When will this air and on what platforms? Thank you.

  4. Edwin Bernard says:

    Also video not available in the US. Hoped tom be educated but…

    • David Shishkoff says:

      Apologies. We have switched the hyperlink to the Israeli TV website instead of YouTube. Please TRY IT again, and let us know if it works for you in the US now, OK?

  5. Aaron Newman says:

    No access (“unauthorized country”) in California, USA.

    Thank you ????????

  6. Kurt Wilson says:

    Hi David, It’s not available as “A Conflict Needs an Arena” anywhere from the USA. Not on YouTube, not on Israel TV, not on Facebook, not via a Google search. Is is the group of videos listed by another title? I assumed I could find the series by searching for the first video. Then I also checked “British Mandate Secrets Recently Revealed” with no luck.

    Perhaps you can send a separate email to your subscribers? Current time in USA is 9:06 AM January 3. Keep up the good work.

  7. Jürgen Buschhardt says:

    Ich kann leider die 3 Teiler nicht sehen, wäre schön wenn man da nochmal eine Auflage machen kann und sie über YouTube ansehen kann

  8. David Shishkoff says:

    We will keep an eye on this one and let you know again when more nations open up their “cyber doors” to let you view it. So far it appears to not be open in North America.

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