God gave us free will. Does that lessen His sovereignty? Yossi Zamiir/Flash 90

Can God Be Sovereign Over Man’s Free Will?

The sovereignty of God must never be used as an excuse for sin, or to keep us from fulfilling our responsibilities


When my boss at work treats another worker with more favor than me, is that the Lord? Is it my fault, or do I just have a lousy boss? Is God sovereign over the way people respond to me?

When you go for a job interview, is it man who decides, or the Lord? I was once wrongly accused of stealing a pair of shoes and lost my job. Was that God’s will for my life?

These are some of the questions our readers have been pondering in response to Israel Today author Gerson Nerel’s two-part article: Predestination or Free Will: the Choice is Yours

Is God sovereign over man’s free will? More specifically, does God act in a way that will cause people to favor us, attack us, or restrain them from causing us damage?

The Bible says, “The king’s heart is a waterway in the hand of the LORD; He directs it where He pleases” (Prov. 21:1). In other words, the...