MembersPredestination or Free Will: Do we Have a Choice? (Part 1)

In Part -1 of this 2-part series, Dr. Nerel, a historian of the modern movement of Jewish Yeshua-believers, discusses the influence of this crucial question on Israeli believers. 

By Gershon Nerel | | Topics: Predestination
Photo: Creative Commons

One of the most controversial issues being discussed among Messianic Jewish Yeshua-believers in Israel, and Bible believers around the world, is the idea of predestination. This theology, often sloganized as “once saved always saved,” teaches that everything that happens is divinely foreordained, particularly with regard to eternal salvation.

According to this interpretation, the only possible conclusion is that those who were not predetermined to everlasting salvation are eternally doomed and they can do nothing about that. Therefore, it seems, not all people are equal – some are chosen, some are not. They differ from each other already since birth.


Missionary Importation

The doctrine of predestination among Israeli Messianic Jews (IMJ) was imported by Protestant missionaries mainly from Europe and America. They systematically circulated it among both Arab and Jewish Yeshua-believers.

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