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MembersCan Man Live Forever?

Why is mankind so intent on claiming that which God has expressly forbidden us?

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This question was already a matter of great interest in the Book of Genesis where God had to prevent man from eating of the Tree of Life and thus living forever after he had partaken of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

And yet man still strives to overcome death. In 2013, Google founded a subsidiary, the health care company Calico, which develops methods to slow human aging. For scientists, death has become a mathematical puzzle that can be solved by discovering the right formula. Calico founder Bill Marris said seven years ago that a life of 500 years would be possible: “You have to know where the weak points are in the source code and then you can hack and reprogram the organism.”

Many billionaires are looking for eternal life, investing hundreds of millions of dollars in knowledge and biotechnology to extend life expectancy. Tech titans like Google founder Larry Page (48) or PayPal legend Peter Thiel (53) have pumped millions into research for “Eternal Life” in recent years. A new, almost...

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