Can We Lose Our Salvation? (Part 2) Public Domain

Can We Lose Our Salvation? (Part 2)

In Part -2 of this series, Dr. Nerel, a historian of the modern movement of Jewish Yeshua-believers, discusses our personal responsibility in salvation by faith.


 “Jacob I have loved, but Esau have I hated” as portrayed in the above painting, the apostle Paul referred to from the portion in book of Malachi in order to prove that there is a divine election even before people were born and before they did good or evil (Romans 9:11-13). What does this election really mean from this prophetic perspective?

These words actually reveal a historic reality not concerning two individuals but rather about two nations – Israel and Edom. The Jewish people and the Edomite people consciously selected dissimilar ways of life. Consequently, they had to bear the heavenly “reward” for their willful choice.


The Remnant

Israel’s position as a remnant is particularly observed among those connected to the 144,000 of the twelve Jewish tribes that remained faithful to the Lord Yeshua until their last day (Rev. 7:4-8). This national…