Catholic Archdeacon Says He Needed ‘Conversion to Israel’ Courtesy Johannes Fichtenbauer

Catholic Archdeacon Says He Needed ‘Conversion to Israel’

In Part 1 of our look at “The Mystery of the Olive Tree,” we hear about an amazing conversion

In this series we will publish extracts from a new book by Johannes Fichtenbauer, an Archdeacon and part of the Charismatic Renewal of the Catholic Church. Why Care About Israel? It is impossible to understand the Bible without understanding the role of Israel as a People and a Nation. We try to offer a deeper understanding of how the Church should function according to God’s plan; and how it will always remain in some way dysfunctional as long as one of the two essential components of the Church is missing.  The Jews–the world’s destiny  Marthe Robin (1902-1981), a famous French…