Christian Zionist Nominated for Nobel Prize by Israeli Jews

Evangelical leader Mike Evans put up for Nobel Peace Prize for his unwavering fight against antisemitism

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Antisemitism, Christian Zionists
Mike Evans attacks Israel's new government
Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

American Evangelical leader Mike Evans has been officially nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by a senior Israeli academic.

Senior Vice President of Ariel University in Israel, Bobby Brown, said in his submission to the Nobel Prize Committee that he “knows of no living person doing more to combat antisemitism” than Mike Evans.

Evans heads the Friends of Zion Heritage Center and has long been at the forefront of mobilizing Christian support for Israel and the Jewish people.

“It’s a great honor being nominated, but I consider combating antisemitism an even greater honor,” Evans wrote upon hearing the news. “The key to happiness is committing your life to a cause greater than yourself. I have such a cause.”

Evans is Jewish through his mother, and as a child both he and his mother suffered antisemitic violence at the hands of his father.

The chances that an Evangelical Christian Zionist nominated by Israelis for fighting antisemitism will actually win the Nobel Peace Prize is of course slim, to say the least.

Mike Evans last made headlines in Israel when he ferociously attacked Prime Minister Naftali Bennett for forming a governing coalition with centrist and left-wing parties in order to push Benjamin Netanyahu out of power.

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