MembersHow Should Christian Zionists React to Mike Evans?

The prominent Evangelical leader has “declared war” on Israel’s presumptive new government in a harsh letter punctuated by profanity

Mike Evans attacks Israel's new government
Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

Israel is abuzz this week with news that “the world’s largest Evangelical leader” intends to “withdraw Christian support for Israel” because his preferred candidate, Benjamin Netanyahu, won’t be the next prime minister.

It can certainly be argued whether or not Mike Evans really is the world’s largest Evangelical leader, and many of the Israeli news reports misrepresented his tirade against Bibi’s political opponents to mean an end to Christian support for the Jewish state. Still, even those editorial mistakes were instructive.

In his hostile open letter to Naftali Bennett and later in his rambling blog post on The Times of Israel, Evans accused the smaller right-wing parties that have joined the “government of change,” and in particular Bennett’s Yamina faction, of betraying not only the Israeli electorate, but the entire pro-Israel Evangelical Christian world by turning their backs on Netanyahu.

In Evans’ assessment, Israel owes some kind of debt to the Christians he purports to...

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