MembersChristians, Israel and the End of Impartial Love

Interview with Prof. Yaakov Ariel.

By Tsvi Sadan |
Photo: Creative Commons

Before talking with Prof. Yaakov Ariel, an Israeli-born scholar at the University of North Carolina who specializes in American Christianity, my own impression over the last two decades is that American Evangelicals have increasingly turned from being pro-Israel to pro-Palestinian. As usual, the reality is a bit more complex.


Israel Today: It seems the more liberal Evangelicals become, the more they turn against Israel. Is this a correct assessment?

Prof. Ariel: It is true that progressive denominations are less favorable toward Israel, but there are nuances. For example, there are pro-Palestinian Lutherans, yet most Lutherans are still pro-Israel. Most churches try to maintain neutrality. Nevertheless, there are those that have moved from the traditional pro-Israel position to a strongly anti-Israel one. Reform churches like the Church of Scotland, which in the past supported Zionism, are now hostile toward Israel. Certain leaders of the World Council of Churches represent this shift as well. And there is Mitri Raheb, a Palestinian Lutheran...

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