MembersConflict Between the Bible and the Koran

Israel’s existence in the Middle East is not an optical illusion.

By Aviel Schneider |
Muslims and Christians
Photo: (Flash90)

It is a political fact. Seventy years ago, something happened that for Jews and many Christians was a fulfillment of a biblical promise. Two-thousand years after the destruction of the Temple and the scattering of the nation of Israel, the Jewish people returned from the four corners of the earth to their divinely-appointed homeland. Just as the prophets had foretold. For the Jews, this was a miracle. For the Arab Muslims, it was a catastrophe. That’s understandable. They don’t believe in the Bible, but rather look to the Koran. And just as the Bible sets the political tone in Israel, so, too, does the Koran guide the Arab Muslim political agenda.

In the so-called “Christian West,” this is often not properly understood. Israel affirms its political right on the grounds of biblical history, and the Muslims do the same with their holy writings. The reason Israel is not willing to surrender the Temple Mount, together with the Western Wall, is the Bible. Both right- and left-wing governments have almost always stood united on keeping Jerusalem united under Israeli...

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