Corona, Olympics and Ben & Jerry’s

As always, the Israeli summer is hot, but this year we have Corona, Olympics and Ben & Jerry’s to distract us

| Topics: Olympics, BDS, Coronavirus
Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90

I’m always amazed at how quickly the days go by. July is almost over and we are right in the middle of the hot Israeli summer. In the past, when I was still “new” to Israel, at the end of the 80s, I was always thrilled when it hit 35 degrees (95 °F) in Jerusalem. I was sweating with gusto. This is no longer the case. I am no longer thrilled when it is hot. Hot summers are the norm here. Sweltering temperatures are no longer something special, which is not only due to the fact that I’ve been living in Modiin for 9 years, where it’s always a little hotter than anywhere else in the country. In general, the summers are hotter than they were then, the weather has changed, but you know that. So even at temperatures of more than 40 degrees (104 °F) I am no longer amazed and certainly not enthusiastic. I’ve realized over the years that I’m more of a winter person. I don’t enjoy the heat anymore.

But there is no point in complaining. My mother used to remind me that it was my choice to live in a hot country. She was right. And guess what? I have never regretted it. There are far more important things in this country than complaining about the heat.

Unfortunately, Corona is also with us this summer. We have gotten used to it, what else can we do? We’re not thrilled, I’ll have to buy a new pack of masks soon. As I was walking from the bus station to our editorial office in Jerusalem on Monday, I heard a loudspeaker from a tram station asking people to think about the health of others, to keep their distance and to wear a mask. I was a little amazed at how completely normal this now seems to me. Then I thought of all sorts of science fiction films that portray an apocalyptic reality. Is that our reality now? Keep your distance and wear masks? I was amazed at how quickly I got used to the sight of people in masks and this whole new situation. How long will it be before we can escape this science fiction film and live in our old world again? And when will we see tourists on the streets again?

Many questions. Luckily we have the Olympics right now. So far we have won one medal, so Israel is on the map, which helps to raise national morale. We love it when the Israeli flag is proudly displayed in an international forum. Maybe we can win another medal or two.

It makes us proud when the Israeli flag is shown to the whole world

When we watch the Olympics on TV and hope for an Israeli medal, we often refresh ourselves with some ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s. It’s crazy what started this whole boycott thing. So now we’re enjoying ice cream from a local Israeli producer. It’s a nice thing this hot summer.

And before I get down to work, I first turn on our air conditioning. It should be even warmer today than yesterday. Just summer.

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