New Danish Bible has erased Israel in service to the Palestinian nationalist cause. Public domain

Danish Bible in the Service of Palestinianism

Rewriting Scripture by the removing Israel repudiates the nation’s miraculous restoration in these end-times.


Recently the Danish Bible Society (DBS) published a distorted translation of Holy Scripture where the name of Israel is purposely omitted, particularly in the New Testament. When Israel, which is also a land in possession of the Jewish people, is removed from verses in the New Covenant, this advances the invented agenda of a “Palestinian Christian gospel.”

Like many enemies of Israel, also leading clergymen among Arab Christian Palestinians (ACP) argue that they appreciate the Jewish people, yet they sharply oppose Zionism and the “occupying” State of Israel.


Land of Israel

As long as modern Jewry develops its territorial presence in the biblical Promised Land, for ACP it is imperative to disconnect contemporary Israel from biblical Israel. Similarly, also the anti-Israel Islamic Republic of Iran, while it embraces ultra-Orthodox Jews, it repeatedly declares that the current Jewish State...