Chag Sameach – Happy Passover!

Get this unique, collectible set for internalizing the Exodus, hands-on. 20% OFF!

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Tomorrow begins Passover and the seven-day Feast of Unleavened Bread, celebrating the Exodus of Israel from Egypt and our deliverance from slavery. The festive atmosphere extends to our shop, with 20% off selected products!

“Jewish brick-sets” with original Lego building blocks.

This is a unique, collectible set for internalizing the Exodus, hands-on.
Only a few left in stock!


Moses and the Red Sea

Moses figure with movable staff and six moving water parts.


Meyer the matzah bread baker

Meyer the matzah bread baker reminds us of Passover and the hasty baking of unleavened bread during the Exodus from Egypt – ‘Pessach – Chag Ha’mazzot’ (Passover – the Feast of Unleavened Bread).


Mini Passover Seder platter

Seder meal – Each item reminds us of the Exodus from Egypt.


Other items also on sale:


Tallit with early symbol of Messiah

Prayer shawl (tallit) and Jewish prayer written in Hebrew


This artistic rendering of the Western Wall, holding up the Temple Mount since Jesus‘ days, will become a “highlight” in any home, meeting hall or even office!

Jewish Humor “Swimming” Mug

Martin Holt’s light-hearted artwork shows Moses splitting a swim lane through a swimming pool, so an orthodox Jewish swimmer can beat the other swimmers by running to the other side on “dry ground”.
Set of 2 – $21.00$33.00


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