End-Time Overtones in Rabbinic Announcement of Messiah

“The time of redemption has arrived!” Israelis are told alongside a photo of the supposed Messiah

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Messiah has come, street side sign informs Israelis
Photo: David Shishkoff

I was amazed to see this bold, almost-heretical sign anywhere, much less right in front of Herzliya’s elite, secular private university the Inter-Disciplinary Center (IDC).

The sign joins a host of bumper stickers, billboards and posters which have excitedly and unashamedly advertised all over Israel that Messiah has come and he is a black-hatted rabbi who lived in a red brick building in Brooklyn. For some Israelis, the longing for the Messiah appears to be at fever pitch.

Translation of the above sign see below in quotation marks






– – –

“The 120th year of the Rabbi Messiah King.”

“We are doing good for you and people are being redeemed soon.”

“The Rabbi loves you and will help you.”

“Ask and Receive.”


“Long Live our Lord, our Teacher and our Rabbi the King Messiah for Ever and Ever!”

– – – 

A lively and vocal group of Hasidic Chabad followers still insist that their legendary rabbi, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, is the Messiah even though he has been in his grave since 1994. What does their zeal indicate? What does it mean that many of their themes directly parallel New Testament terminology? What times are we living in?

Read about this modern-day Messianic movement in Solomon Natar’s eye-opening article.

Stay informed. Pray informed.

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