Evangelist Calls on Christians to Repent for Standing with Israel

News host’s on-air full embrace of Replacement Theology highlights growing rift between Israel and Evangelical Christians

By David Lazarus | | Topics: Replacement Theology, CHRISTIANS
Thousands of Christian Zionists march through the streets of Jerusalem during Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles. Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

In a bizarre and dangerous broadcast on a so-called Christian news program, TruNews host Doc Burkhart gave a call for listeners to repent for supporting Israel. Burkhart then leads his audience to confess their sin of standing with Israel. “Lord, I’m so sorry. I don’t how I was so deceived. I don’t how I was so bewitched by all of this,” he asks his viewers to pray. “I thought it was a good thing to support the people of Israel. I thought it was a good thing to help Israel. But now I see it’s just people using the name of Israel, people using the people of Israel in order to line their own pockets, in order to build their own kingdoms, in order to make themselves feel important,” the evangelist leads in prayer.

Hard to believe? Watch it for yourself here starting at 1:20:28 until 1:22:41.

And now that they have repented of standing with Israel, Burkhart goes on to lead Christians to fully embrace the heresy of Replacement Theology by making a declaration: “Jesus, You are my Zion. Jesus, You are my Promised Land. Jesus, You are my Temple. Jesus, You are my Eternal Capitol, Lord.”

If this is not strange enough, the title of the anti-Israel broadcast is “Have Friends of Zionism Become Foreign Agents for Israel?” In what can only be called an antisemitic and anti-Christian conspiracy theory, the only fact given in support of calling Christian Zionists “foreign agents” is that many Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, are happy to sit down with Evangelical Christians who say that they love Israel and want to support the Jewish Nation.

In another recent broadcast, TruNews hosts (ironic name for this unbiblical organization) called into question the legitimacy of Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon’s recent speech at the UN, where he quoted from the Bible in support of Israel’s right to the Promised Land (see: Israel’s Ambassador Turns to the Bible). And when US Ambassador David M. Friedman said that “Israel is on the side of God” at a recent American Evangelical gathering to mark the anniversary of the US moving its embassy to Jerusalem, the TruNews “Christian” hosts expressed scorn that a government official would include the name of G-d in a political discussion.

Instead of looking to G-d or the Bible for a solution to the Middle East troubles, this so-called Christian organization chooses to highlight Hanan Ashrawi, a longstanding member of the PLO and instigator of violent uprisings against Israel. In her response to Orthodox Jewish Ambassador Freidman’s using the name of the G-d of Israel, Ashrawi compares the ambassador’s remarks to the jihad-style warfare of the Crusaders and Muslims who slaughtered the “infidels.” “The last time we had people thinking that way in Palestine was in the Middle Ages, and look at what happened,” Ashrawi said.

By saying that Christian Zionists are sinning against God, spreading hateful slander against Israel and the Jewish people and promoting violent antisemitic activists, the producers of TruNews broadcasts need to take another look (or a first look) at the Bible.

For it is written, “He remembers His covenant forever, the word that He commanded, for a thousand generations … to Israel as an everlasting covenant, saying, ‘To you I will give the land of Canaan as your portion for an inheritance.’” (Ps 105:8-11)


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One response to “Evangelist Calls on Christians to Repent for Standing with Israel”

  1. Mark Watkins says:


    Rick Wiles is full of garbage to put it lightly, his blasphemes HaShem, and those of his ilk are idiots! REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY IS A LIE FROM SHEOL!

    They cannot explain why after 1878 years in diaspora Yisrael has become a nation again, they spew anti-Semitic hatred and they will pay a very heavy price for their lies and doctrine of demons!

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