Every Second Gazan Wants To Leave? No, All of Them Do!

Often the only voice you hear from Gaza is that of Hamas. Here’s what the average people are saying…

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Gaza
Fleeing Gaza
Any Palestinians who can do so are fleeing the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

We often only hear the voice of the radical Hamas regime and its allies from the Gaza Strip, but not the voice of the people living there. A Palestinian, who left the Gaza Strip two years ago, recently published an article with numerous reactions from Palestinians in the coastal enclave. He is a leading figure on social networks and from Europe he maintains close contacts with people in the Gaza Strip. “Many of my friends in Gaza want to emigrate and they are asking me how. How will all this end? The way things look at the moment half of the people in the Gaza Strip want to leave!”

The person who drew our attention to this was Israeli social media activist Moran T, who has translated into Hebrew and then published a great many of the Palestinian reactions from Gaza. The people in the Gaza Strip are suffering and to some extent they are hostages in a hopeless situation. We have translated here numerous posts so that you get some insight into the helplessness of the Palestinian population living there.

  1. I work as a travel agent and I am surprised how many people, how many families want to leave Gaza.
  2. Gaza is only good to the sons of its leaders.
  3. Half the people want to leave? Hahahaha. Everyone wants to leave.
  4. So do we
  5. I spoke to my friends two days ago and most of them are completely fed up and want to leave Gaza.
  6. I swear to you, if we had the money all the young people would move out of Gaza.
  7. What keeps us in Gaza? We’ll leave that to them (Hamas).
  8. Everyone wants to clear out of here.
  9. That’s it. Exactly!
  10. I’ll be the first to buzz off.
  11. I am quite sure that if a Noah’s Ark came by the coast of Gaza there would be nothing left in Gaza except the electric works and the generators.
  12. If I didn’t have a loan with the bank in Gaza I would have cleared out of here long ago. The children can’t sleep. Enough of the wars.
  13. I am on my way to you. In two months there’ll be nobody left here.
  14. May Allah help the young people. Believe me, life in Gaza is s**t. Some have already emigrated to Egypt, Turkey, Greece and the Emirates.
  15. Gaza is simply not fit for human beings to live in.
  16. Everyone who leaves Gaza should make a film and explain what is so bad in Gaza. Then we will get permits for immigration to Europe.
  17. In conversations with my friends we are only interested in emigrating from Gaza. Everything else is of no interest to us.
  18. That’s normal. Europe is sure to let you in.
  19. We are staying here until our last breath. This is our land.
  20. One family after another is talking to me about an exodus.
  21. No one wants to stay in Gaza.
  22. Death is more merciful in Gaza. I am staying here.
  23. There is no place more beautiful than Gaza, in particular the noble souls from Gaza.
  24. I’ll be the first one to clear out!
  25. Apart from me.
  26. I wish that I could escape from here. No money.
  27. We live miserable lives.
  28. The first one to clear out is my uncle.
  29. We’re all going to leave the Strip.
  30. The young people are all depressed and have reached the heights of depression.
  31. Anyone who can escape but doesn’t will regret it.
  32. I swear to you, anyone who wants to escape I will hold him back.
  33. The worst is yet to come.
  34. We were all optimistic. We hoped the elections would change something. But nothing. The last war has just increased our depression. In the past, if we wanted some time out, we went to the beach or to Remal (an upmarket neighborhood) or even to the strawberry fields in the north. Now everything is destroyed and all that is left crushes our souls even more. The power cuts have made everything even worse and we have no strength left for the next war.

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