MembersExclusive: Israel’s Prime Ministers in Art

“This is what I love about politics, and the art of politics. It’s a combination of all that is great, and yet inadequate about people.”

By David Lazarus |

Portraits of political leaders have always had an impact on public opinion. Alexander the Great was the first to gain distinction by imprinting his divine-like profile on a coin – a practice that became universal. Caesar Augustus succeeded in promoting himself as an understanding, forbearing statesman (an image far from the truth) by erecting many colossal statues throughout the empire. George Washington’s portrait was displayed in civic buildings and public meeting halls inspiring confidence in the newly elected president’s ability to unify the nation.

Reflecting Israel’s political history, a rare collection of prime minister portraits has now been made available to the public. This treasury of 80 original oil paintings of 12 prime ministers of Israel is the private collection of Amos Aharoni from Herzelia.

“Arts and artists should impact the political arena,” Aharoni told Israel Today. “Artistic expression can help us see the universal truths that we often miss in our day to day lives. Art can broaden our horizons and give us greater insights and more understanding of the realities, both political and social, that we all live...

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